Creative writing tips – VIII

Hello there,

Rolled up your sleeves to write? Let me play the devil’s advocate for you and tell you on your face: No sir/mam, your work is not worth publishing. Period.

How did that feel? A slush of cold water on your face? Yeah, as bad as it can get. But this answer, almost always given very euphemistically, can be heart breaking for many of us.

Here’s what you must know, be prepared for rejections. It just means, what you have to offer to the publisher and what your publisher can publish, do not match. It just means, either find another publisher for your kind of writing or improvise your writing to match the pattern.

But, DO NOT give up. There are no authors who haven’t faced rejections. They have moved on. You need to do that too. Because rejections are very forthcoming, acceptance isn’t. How much ever it may break your heart, please know that there are plenty of writers in the world. It is never possible for any magazine or website to give a chance to everyone. Keep pitching and keep writing. There are no shortcuts.

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