Creative writing tips- X

Hello writers,

Now that you know all about writing, you must be all set to go for it. But hey, are you sitting right now with a pen and paper and staring into a blank sheet? How dumb of me to ask this. ‘Right now’, you are reading what I wrote. But anyways, does it happen to you when you have chewed a pen to pulp and still nothing flowed out through the tip?

Hey, don’t worry. You are what is called ‘stuck at the stage of idea generation’.

How do you generate ideas? Different people do it differently but it’s important to start somewhere. So let’s see, maybe start with scribbling your ideas in words (not sentences, because that’s where you are stuck). You want to write about your experience on that train journey where you lost and found your wallet? So start jotting down a list of words that can be later woven into a beautiful work.

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Or maybe draw a flow chart in the order of events. You can always merge, realign the items in the chart. That way you won’t miss out on any of the content there is to write about.

Happy writing!

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