Death by Selfie: Researchers Creates Tool to Prevent Selfie Releated Deaths

SelfieWe all love to take selfies, as well as complaining about other people doing it. 2016 saw the highest number of deaths occurring due to people trying to photograph themselves. Self portraiture, which was once a art form, has not only taken a ludicrous name, but has also become the leading cause of death. In this year only, India accounts for the highest number of deaths while taking selfies. Death by selfie is now getting so serious that researches at Carnegie Mellon University and the Idraprastha Institute of Information Technology in India analyzed over 120 images to look at the possible outcomes for selfie related deaths.

By collecting data from credible sources, the researchers have acquired 85% of the images that have caused a death by selfie. Most common cause of deaths are height related. Next comes water. Height and water together is another major factor. Therefore, taking selfies at cliffs is not always a wise idea.

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Other causes also includes vehicles, trains, weapons, animals and electricity. Mumbai in India accounts for the largest number of selfie related deaths and now has 16 selfie free zones.



The new Tool

The new tool analyzed over 138000 images on Twitter which checked elevations, steep drops, closeness to rail tracks, or presence of a potentially harmful element, such as a hand gun. The tool was able to identify potentially dangerous elements or situations with a 73.6% success rate.

The research team is looking forward to make the tool into an app so as to prevent any mishaps. If you are wondering what the point of the app would be, it would be mostly to warn you when and where a selfie should not be taken.

The data can be integrated in the map, thereby warning you when you are approaching a dangerous location. Also, it can be used to stop your camera app from launching at all unless you move to a safer location.

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Source: AOL, CBC

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