Decrease of Pollinators May Lead to Malnutrition- Says Research

There is a chance that mankind may face the acute problem of malnutrition, disease and deaths in the coming years if the birds, bees and other insects responsible for the pollination of food crops disappear suddenly. The researchers are worried about the report they came out after studying the statistical data of the pollinators.

This is a huge problem for the humans living on earth. Researchers are worried seeing the alarming rate at which certain species of insects such as birds and bees are getting extinct from the earth. The reason for the natural pollinators to disappear is the increasing rate of pollution and global warming throughout the world.

Malnutrition, pollinators, malnutrition symptoms, effects of malnutrition

Researchers from all over the world have studied and stated that 224 kinds of food supplies in the 156 nations of adequate quantities depend on the pollinators for the growth of the food. They are in acute danger of being extinct if the pollinators disappear suddenly. The decrease in the food crops will surely bring an epidemic on the surface of the earth and malnutrition would increase in human beings and thus lead to different types of incurable diseases along with malnutrition symptoms.

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Essential Need of pollinators                  

Scientists believe that for the existence of a healthy ecosystem for the human beings to survive, food crops are very essential. The decrease in the species responsible for the pollination of the food crops has triggered the alarm for the researchers.  This would lead to nutritional deficiencies in the human body.

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It is estimated that globally, the death caused by unavoidable diseases due to malnutrition might increase to 1.4 million and this is a huge figure. The disease would create an epidemic and the loss of pollinators, and human life will increase considerably.

The senior environment health researcher at Harvard University stated that the importance of the pollinators for the health conditions of the human beings is enormous. This will affect the global health of the environment and the ecosystem in which we live. The ecological balance of the natural system will slowly degrade and lead to extinction, researchers believe.

Malnutrition, pollinators, malnutrition symptoms, effects of malnutrition

A specific species will be responsible for creating malnutrition

Scientists from all over the world are still not able to figure out which species will be responsible for the extinction of pollination that would lead to malnutrition. But according to the global record and sources, researchers believe that there are certain kinds of pollinators who are slowly missing from the surface of the earth. The population of such type of pollinators are declining at a very rapid rate.

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Malnutrition, pollinators, malnutrition symptoms, effects of malnutrition

Global risk due to food deficiency

Researchers fear that the absence of pollinators in the natural habitat will be responsible for the ascending of mortality rate by 2.7% globally. The current statistics and prediction foretell that 71 million people could face the acute problem of deficiency of Vitamin A in the near future. Also, the studies report that 173 million people may face the deficiency of food globally. This will increase the rate of malnutrition in the human beings.

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The prediction is also there that decrease in the pollinators will see a global decrease of production of fruits by 23%, vegetables by 16% and the different varieties of nuts & seeds by 22%. The information about when and how many pollinators will disappear is still not known.


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