Essential Summer Skin Care Tips for 2017

From pore-clogging sweat to ugly sunburns, summer does not play well with your skin unless you take care of it. Use these summer skin care tips to get through this warm season unscathed.

Deep Cleansing: The Best Summer Skin Care Tip

Because of the humidity, the skin keeps getting oily. It is essential to clean your face at least twice daily. The basic summer skin care tip is to befriend a face wash. However, try to use those that are free of chemicals. You may use homemade cleansers, making an easy paste with ripe and mashed bananas, raw milk, with drops of orange or lemon juice would do well. A deep cleansing mix formed with aloe Vera juice or pulp blended evenly with lemon juice works as yet another effective cleanser. Cleansing opens pores and flushes out the toxins from the skin, holds beauty experts.

Know How To Eat Healthy:

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This is probably one summer skin care tip you have found in the webzines, magazines, from neighbors, skin care specialists and almost every other person. You must have also heard that you are nothing but what you eat. Though it sounds clichéd, it is true. Your skin is invariably affected by the diet and lifestyle you follow. It is mandatory to stay away from oily, spicy and fried food. Get the desired glow with vitamins, like vitamin A and C and proteins.

Buy A New Sunscreen:

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Throw away unused sunscreens. If you are someone who hasn’t used enough amount of sunscreen and hence kept away a bottle of sunscreen to use this summer, order a new one immediately. Sunscreens, unfortunately, do not last forever. And do not forget the basic summer skin care tip: use your sunscreen. Moreover, reapply it as and when your skin needs it, especially when you are out in the sun.

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Top Three Summer Fashion Tips:
With rising temperatures and fun getaway trips, summer brings on the strong urge to go shopping. Maybe it is because the weather is heating up and weekend jaunts need new outfits, however refreshing the summer closet is something we all have been anticipating. But before busting out your credit card, a few tips before buying for summer will ensure that you get most for your money and be as comfortable as you can be.

The Top Three Summer Fashion Tips Are:

  • Mind the fabrics (cotton is the best),
  • Reinvent clothes (turn old pants into shorts, try an over summer dress and the kind),
  • Get shoe half-size or full-size larger than what you normally would have bought.

Know The Summer Makeup Tricks:

Whether you are going to a beach or willing to embrace the carefree summer vibes, skip the base totally and rather stick to a concealer. Covering the spots, shadows, or blemishes with a concealer indicates you will not be worrying about blotting your makeup with the shine and you will end up with the best makeup for hot weather. Dab on a concealer that is a little tacky stick, with the fingers—a denser formula lasts longer than liquids. The safest of all summer makeup tips for that summer glow is to use a moisturizer that is tinted with its gel formula. These are usually anti-aging and hydrating. Fresh shades to try in the coming summer, on the lips includes poppy pink to coral.

Use A Multitasking Makeup Strategy:

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An easy summer beauty tip from a makeup artist is to blend lipstick with a satin finish is resilient like a cream blush. They are put to the test on the lips, with drinking to wipe your mouth, and hence, if your lipstick lasts on throughout the day, it is going to tint the cheeks throughout the day as well.

Brighten Up Your Eyes:

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Add light to the eyes. Smudge an eye shadow that is deep copper, all over the lids to get that summery take on the smoky eyes is what makeup artists recommend for summer beauties. You could also use a shimmery golden pink if you want a slightly softer look. Don’t forget a long wearing cream to powder a glimmering eye shadow to define and brighten your eyes.

Skip Summer Makeup Mistakes:

At times too much of makeup during hot summer months may make a woman appear older than what she is. So the basic summer makeup tip is to keep away from too much of mascara buildup or self-tanner.

Sleep Well in Summer:

Summer skin care also includes sleeping well. Lack of sleep leads to increasing levels of human stress hormones, that can reduce slower the rate of production of collagen in the skin. If your skin suddenly stops collagen production, the skin starts losing elasticity and looks worn out.

Special Summer Skin Care Tips for Men:

Get Rid Of Body Odor:

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Simply using a deodorant isn’t the ultimate solution to get rid of body odor. Odor arises when bacteria get mixed up with sweat; hence start attacking that by using an anti-bacterial body wash or cleanser during the shower. Try including herbal powders in your summer skin care schedule and use deodorant once you have dressed up completely.

Use An Aftershave:

An aftershave helps restoring the oil and lost moisture after your close shave. You will need an aftershave for protecting the skin and reducing sensitivity when you are in the sun. Dermatologists suggest getting any natural aftershave balms or nourishing oils as this help to get an even toned complexion. Use rose water for calming irritated skin and as a part of your summer skin care.

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A Toner Can Come to Your Rescue:

Spending hours in the sun indicate that your skin is also exposed to various types of pollutants. These pollutants challenge the skin’s ability in staying elastic. Toners are recommended when it comes to summer skin care for men are because they keep your skin clear and firm. It simultaneously helps to reduce the risks of the ingrown hair post shaving.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin When Traveling Is On The List?

It is useless to deny that traveling can impact hard on skin. Keep that in mind before jaunting off for a summer getaway. Skin care specialists hold, for keeping your skin hydrated as you are traveling; always apply moisturizing masks and rose water on the face say throughout your flight. If you are spending time in the sun, carry face powders with high SPF and apply it over the makeup. They are easy to apply, quick and also easy to carry.

Finishing Thoughts:

Other summer skin care tips include rinsing your body after a swim, not spraying a perfume in the sun, covering your face if you have to stay out for long, ditching the preexisting obsession of getting the tan, drinking a good amount of water daily and of course, following a healthy diet and allowing your face to breathe. Last, but not the least, follow the summertime makeup tips, examine your skin daily.

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