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In the present age within very much of the significance, movie or film has considerable sway in our life. There is a massive uncountable number of films produced in a year, But only a few of them achieve success. There are many reasons behind a successful movie. Reviews and critiques play a great inning behind it. Movie reviews help the viewers understand the full plot or Scene of the movie at a glance what creates a massive impact on the film as well as on the casting crew.

Among the ton of available movie review websites, specifically Bollywood movies, Koimoi is one of the greatest. Not only just movie review Koimoi stocks authentic Bollywood news articles, discussions, etc.

What is Koimoi?


Koimoi is one of the best Bollywood entertainment sites which stock everything about the Bollywood film industry. Apart from providing movie reviews, this particular website also offers news articles, insider interviews, Latest Bollywood movie trailers, promos, the latest songs, and much more.

Not only the latest releases, but there are also reviews about the old Bollywood movies, and past interviews of Bollywood actors, actresses, directors, producers are also present in this specific website. There is a remarkable story about the naming of the website. ‘KOI’ means a fish, mainly founded in India, which works hard to live in upstream rivers, and “MOI” is a french word meaning ‘ME.’ And thus, the name of the website is given.

In last year koimoi.com website has millions of engagements that made Koimoi the best site about the Bollywood film industry.

Features of The Website

Koimoi.com has a great variety of advanced features that are very user-friendly and understandable by any of the visitors that amicably attract visitors and the reason behind the popularity of the website.

Some sorts of features are described below:

Powerful Search-Bar At Top Right: – Koimoi represents a sturdy search bar that can analyze your searches, and by depending on, it can showcase its content on your Newsfeed.

Latest feed at a glance: – Koimoi provides the most top-rated news related article about the Bollywood film industry on its main page and can attract you.

Search by categories: – Anyone can search any content on this website by the organized categories included.

Authenticity: – The website claims that the news they provide is authentic and reviewed by their resources.

Movie reviews by top-rated reviewers & critics: – The reviews posted on this particular website are 100% genuine and reviewed by some group of top-rated writers, reviewers, and critics.

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Latest trailers: – Koimoi provides the latest Bollywood movie trailers as fast as possible and keeps the visitors updated about incoming news of the newest movie.

Fresh interviews: – Koimoi.com offers freshly brewed interviews with Bollywood actors, actresses, producers, directors, and the casting crew, which keeps the view, was updated about any of the latest upcoming movies.

Sharing of exclusive content: – Visitors of this specific website can share the latest news reports, articles, interviews, latest trailers, songs, and much more at any platform.

Authentic Box-office Reviews: – Koimoi provides genuine box office reviews like Bollywood hits and flops, Highest grossers, highest-paid movies, best of the overseas, etc.

Info about Trendings: – This website Also provides the latest information about trendings in the Bollywood film industry it can be about trending movies, trending celebrity fashions, etc.


Koimoi has a massive collection of data on the Bollywood film industry. Categories adequately organize all the data, and every category has its individual sub-categories, that is very much understandable by the visitors.

Examples of the categories are provided below,

  • Box-Office
  • Daily BO Updates
  • Bollywood Highest
  • Hits & Flops
  • Library
  • Web Shows
  • Movies
  • Visuals
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Trailer
  • Promos
  • Posters
  • Power-Index
  • Director’s Power Index
  • Star’s Power Index
  • News & Gossips
  • Reviews
  • Hollywood

Alternatives or Competitors

Most of the available popular websites have their competitive or alternative sites. Hosting a movie review website is not very easy as there are a lot of popular reviewers out there reviewing and criticizing movies for accessible sites. Koimoi.com also has some great competitors out there. The alternatives are described below,

FlickBay: – When it comes to the number one competitor of Koimoi, FlickBay is there. Flickbay is a Bollywood industry news Discovery application where users can read and gather information about the latest news of Bollywood Celebrities, producers, directors, etc. It claims that flickbay has the most extensive database of Bollywood film industrial information. The user of this application also can post reviews of movies, view personalized news content, article on Bollywood Films. This application also available on many platforms, including Apple’s IOS, Android but flickbay doesn’t have a website like Koimoi. Flickbay also can gather the user’s personalized content by analyzing the recent searches of the user. But recently, Koimoi battled over Flickbay and got the number one position in India on providing authentic news on the Bollywood film industry.

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BollywoodMDB: – Bollywoodmdb is another successful entertainment website that offers content about the Bollywood film industry. It is available on various platforms, Android, IOS and also has a site like Koimoi. Before the recent change of position of Koimoi, BollywoodMDB used to be the number one movie review or entertainment website on The Bollywood Industry. Bollywoodmdb also has personalized categories and news content about the Bollywood film industry and it can be shared across all over social media directly from the application. They also claim that their provided content is 100% authentic and reviewed by their group of top-rated reviewers.

BollywoodLife: – In the last year, Bollywoodlife battled and gained millions of views and traffic on their website. It is also available on Android, and has a website but doesn’t have an app for iOS users. Bollywoodlife claims that they also provide authentic news reports, and none of them are fake. It also has a personalized and categorically analyzed database on the Bollywood film industry. Bollywood life also has movie reviews, news, and leaks on celebrity, gossips trailers, latest songs; even it has included TV shows in their service that make this website something different from the others.

Bollywoodhungama: – Bollywoodhungama.com is a third-best available website on Authentic Bollywood film industry news. Starting from the box office, news, celebrity news, photos, videos, TV shows, latest leaks, latest trailers, songs, and movie reviews, it has fulfilled all the requirements of the crazy Bollywood fans. This website is used to be the most recommended and most trafficking website once. But after many more competitors, these websites became in the third rank. Bollywood Hungama is available on various platforms, including Android, IOS and also has a stable website that updates regularly and adds the latest news. Every article or content can be shared directly from the website or the application.

Pinkvilla: – Pinkvilla is also one of the best platforms having a vast database on the Bollywood film industry. What Pinkvilla offers is movie reviews by some of the top-rated reviewers in India, Fresh interviews, latest news, latest fashion, and they also cover the south film industry as well as Hollywood. Pinkvilla is also available in most of the platforms, including Android IOS and even host and website. What makes pink Villa unique is, it covers all of the news of the film industry, But it basically focuses on the Bollywood industry, and also, they have all the information about the latest trends of fashions.

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Common FAQs:-

Are The News Really Authentic?

Ans:- Yes, The website claims that the news provided by Koimoi has 100% authenticity, but sometimes it can be different from the actual story due to changes in sources.

Is Koimoi Well-Known By the Media And Celebs?

Ans:- Yes, Koimoi gets very much attention from many of the well-known celebrities of the Bollywood film industry and also supported by media from all around India.

Is Koimoi the best Bollywood entertainment discovery platform?

Ans:-By the website trafficking, we get to know that it reaches 200 thousand views on their website per day, and that is the highest view compared to the rival platforms.

Does Facebook found Koimoi to be the most engaging page on Bollywood films related content?

Ans:-Yes, Facebook found to be the most engaging page with 100k views per day on Bollywood films related content and invited them for creating weekly Videos of Bollywood.


The website Koimoi.com has some strict policies about reviewing movies. There are also movie reviews available on this website by the top-rated reviewers from their perspective of view. As people differ from their point of view, believing the study is one’s personal choice. From the point of view, a movie can be good, and from another point of view, the same film can be less enjoyable. That is what to be understood before judging the movie just by reviews. If there is a public review system, there can be fake reviews regarding a film that needs to be avoided.

Overall Conclusion

As we have discussed earlier, movie reviews can be the reason behind successful movies. Here the role of the movie review websites like koimoi.com is vital.

As koimoi.com is mainly focused on the Bollywood film industry, It is the most recommended website for Bollywood films, news updates on the Bollywood industry following the latest trends.

The website claims that the news provided by this website is 100% authenticate, which is very less common on the internet because fake news every day goes viral on the internet. Here Koimoi is doing a great job.

Following the comparison of the last year, koimoi.com has achieved a lot of viewers and followers from the internet that helped koimoi.com beating other competing websites on Bollywood film industrial content and get to the number best position in India.

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