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Are you thinking of spending your vacation on the beaches of India? Oceans surround India, and the country offers tremendous beaches to enjoyment. Most of the best beaches in India lay on the west coast, for example, GOA. Most of the people think of Goa while it comes to spend a holiday. But India has many good virgin beaches where the crowds are less, and you can enjoy a lot there. There are beaches which are needed to be explored. Let’s look at some beaches where you are spending your vacations perfectly.


Varkala Beach, Kerala

The view of the Varkala beach is enough to strike you off. It lies in the north of the capital Trivandrum of Kerala. It gives you an endless view, which takes you to breathe away. It is bordered by the shacks on one side and extends the view of the Arabian Sea. In Kerala, this is the best place to rest and relax. Here Ayurveda and the Yoga are being popular on the beach. This beach is known for its beast spectacular settings.

Gokarna, Karnataka

Planning to visit Goa on vacation? Nowadays, Goa is being crowded all the time, so why not choose Gokarna. It is a remote and small town in the northern Karnataka with India’s four beaches which is nestled nearby. It gives both devout and travelers with the same enthusiasm. Just visit one of the best beaches in India, because the time is now limited, the developers are looking at some potential in this place. It is a perfect place to get a feel of Goa. This beach is known as the best substitute for the Goa.

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This is one of the best beaches in India, which is the most underrated. This beach has also been listed in the world’s most unusual beaches in India. It is known as the unique beach for its disappearing sea. Twice a day at low tide, it abates up to 5 kilometers, which means you can easily explore the Sea bed while having fun by chasing the red crabs and collecting the driftwood and shells. The Chandipur beach is located in Baleshwar.


Pondicherry beach is known as one of the best beaches in India with its pervasive French heritage. It is a union territory that is located on the coast of Tamil Nadu. The most noticing part is the French quarter, while paradise and Auroville beach are great for swimming. Do not forget to check out the other beaches like Karaikal, Mahe, and Karaikal, which is also a part of the union territory of the Pondicherry.

Kovalam, Kerala 

Kovalam is one of the best beaches in India, which most developed in Kerala. It is located not far from the Trivandrum. The beach is made up of two covers, one is the Lighthouse, and another one is Hawa. The lighthouse is the biggest amongst the two and also provides a great scenario with open roof restaurants. Kovalam is known as best for water sports such as surfing and many more. This is the best beach for families.

Baga beach, Goa

This beach is one of the most famous beaches in India and also comes under the best beaches in India. The Baga beach is situated in the North Goa. It is highly commercialized and a busy place, but if you like some actions, then this beach is perfect for you. It is the most dashing beaches on the coast. You can get everything starting from water sports, beach shacks, parasailing, and the clubs and bars. The Baga beach always attracts the Indian public to come for vacation and enjoyment here. You will get an awesome discount on drinks with marvelous mainstream music.

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Arambol, Goa

The Arambol was transformed from the boring fishing village to one of the best beaches in India. This is another famous beach in Goa, which attracts the most visitors to spend a great vacation here. It gives you a very good vibe of the traveller with jam sessions and lives music. Numerous therapies like Yoga, tai chi, reiki, and meditation are famous on this beach. This beach is the best for musicians and travelers.

Agonda beach

Agonda beach is one of the best beaches which is located in south Goa. This beach is a perfect place for chilling out. The shacks and the small shops are lined on the beach, but this beach is nothing exciting to do. You can just sit, drink, eat, swim, and chill out there. You need to just sit on the hut and feel the stillness and calmness. This beach will help you calm and chill out.

Tarkali, Maharashtra

The Tarkali beach is situated in the Maharashtra, which carries one of the marvelous coral reefs in the mainland of India. This is an underrated beach in Maharashtra and yet to be discovered for the tourist’s trail. This beach receives hardly any visitors from foreign. This beach is seen enjoyed by the local people while riding the bicycle and walking on the beach for enjoyment. This beach is best for Snorkeling and scuba diving.

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Palolem, Goa

Palolem beach is known best for the picturesque beach, which is surrounded by the thick forests of the coconut palms. This beach is known as the best lively beach in the entire area. It is located in south Goa. This beach is increasing its popularity every year. You can find a relaxing vibe and chill out here.

Radhanagar beach

This beach is known as the best beaches in India, and also it has been nominated for Asia’s best beaches in the Times. This beach is situated in Havelock Island, which is in Andaman and Nicobar Island. The islands there are the Union territory of India. The Radhanagar beach is mostly known for its still water, fine white sand, and the calmness. This is one of the best remote beaches in India.


These are a list of some best beaches in India. It includes both underrated and the famous beaches where you and your family can enjoy a lot. There is much different kind of beaches which facilitates a different kind of vibes like sporty, calm, and chilling. You can choose to spend your vacation according to your preference.

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