Facebook to use Artificial Intelligence to Flag Fake and Offensive Content



After the U.S. Presidential Elections, Facebook received a lot of criticism about how its content filtering system affected the elections. Moreover, the site also allowed fake news to spread, affecting the opinions of millions. The social network giant is also much of a media company now, and accordingly, Facebook will now remove offensive and fake news.

It was evident that the tool that Facebook will probably use was not community powered, but an AI powered one. Facebook Inc. has told Wall Street Journal that it is still planning the AI system that will keep fake news off the News Feed.

Removing Objectionable Content

Right now, Facebook has two things to get rid of – one is fake news, and two – offensive content in live videos. The entire tool to curb such content is still in an early planning stage, but it is good to see that Facebook is actually taking it seriously now.

Using machine learning, the AI will be able to take down offensive content. For live videos, it should have fast enough computer vision to take down only the offensive videos. The same also applies when it is about fake news as the AI will need to know how to differentiate genuine news stories from what has comes to be known as the click bait articles.

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Filter Bubble

Facebook has been bashed a lot for their algorithm that populates the news feed. People only get to see more of what they like. Obviously, this makes people spend more time on Facebook, but this also cements certain opinions and views among the users.

To make sure that you also get to see what is on the other site, you can check out Facebook’s advertising preferences and remove all the traces of your browsing. Also, you can block tracking cookies from Google, Facebook and other advertisers using browser add-ons.

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