Facebook Hires Former TV News Anchor to Get Them Along with Media Companies

FacebookOver the past few months, Facebook has come under fire for its role in the exponential spreading of fake news. Some people believe that it is Facebook’s lack of fact-checking that made Donald Trump the new president elect in the first place. Over time, the social media giant has addressed to such issues. Recently, however, the company hired a new “Head of News” who won’t actually be involved in major decision making.

On Friday, former NBC and CNN anchor Campbell Brown announced said that she was hired in the new position of head of news partnerships at the social networking company. This job was of much speculation since the position opened up sometime during mid-December last year.

Fixing Fake News is a Different Story

It is not known whether Campbell Brown will have anything to do with reducing number of fake news in the first place. At present the social network company is more invested with its video operations. This includes Facebook Live streaming services too. So, a former TV journalist is actually a rational choice when it comes to expanding video operations.

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Brown’s job will actually not have anything to do with content filtering. In one of it’s reports, New York Times has already briefed that Brown’s job “will not be not to act as the sort of editor-in-chief that some commentators… have said it needs.” Facebook executives emphasized that Brown will “not be involved in content decisions.”

Brown’s job will be to work as a as a liaison with news organizations “so that Facebook can better meet their journalistic and business imperatives and lessen some of their suspicion” about the company. In other words, Brown will be more of a harmonizer between Facebook and other media companies.

Source: Fortune

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