First look at the RED Hydrogen ONE

When most consumers are obsessed with the note 8 and iPhone 8 RED’s Hydrogen ONE phone is billed for the enthusiasts. Even though the phone is priced at 1200 dollars, according to RED this is one of the cheapest devices that they have made. The Hydrogen ONE is the company’s first step towards creating holographic video content. The phone is just one of the many parts that will be used to create such content. Lately, RED has been one of the major players in creating Hollywood movies. Most of the recent Hollywood blockbusters were shot using red cameras. Even many of the famous Netflix series wear short using them.

Look and Feel

Phone itself looks pretty unconventional. When all the manufacturers are trying to copy the iPhone’s design, Red went for more rugged look.  The Smart phone itself is pretty big and comes with rugged grips on the side. The middle portion of the back is made from metal while the top and the bottom parts are made from Kevlar. The second shows how rugged the company wanted the Hydrogen ONE to be. There is also a connector at the bottom of the rare similar to that of the Motorola smartphones. Again, this is for adding more dealer components to the phone.

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The front of the device is relatively simple. The phone is a 5.5-inch display. However, the company says that it will be a Super High-resolution display. Since the prototype was not working one the screen could not be seen in action. There are also stereo speakers on the front that should make enjoying content on the screen way more enjoyable.

Other than these the phone and also comes with an USB C port, along with a 3.5 MM headphone Jack. But since it is a prototype phone. It’s not sure if all the parts will make it to the final build. The prototype that was released recently was simply of fit and finish prototype.

Shooting Holographic Videos

One of the key features of the Hydrogen ONE is the holographic display. Different devices have implemented the holographic displays differently. This will be different from the 3 D screens that smart phones have previously provided. According to the company, the phone will feature Multi-View Holography (4-view) with look-around. However, capturing such a video on a Android Smart phone is a very difficult task. Red has not completely explained how it plans to do so. However, it involves converting 2D video using dedicated hardware.

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Red is already working on a 4-view studio on its own. This will shoot 3D videos from 4 different angles. By interpolating these videos of 4-view look around can be achieved. This will be much easier than converting to a video into 3D. Such holographic videos can directly be enjoyed on the Hydrogen ONE. What RED’s 4-view rig will comprise of is still unknown. You to meet comprised of the Hydrogen ONE with extra accessories and Lance is attached via the modular connector shooting videos from 4 different angles.


Source: ValueWalk

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