Pebble – Pioneer of Wrist Based Notifications, Shuts Down

PebbleRIP Pebble. The wearable maker who first launched wrist based notifications, even before Apple and others, is shutting down. The company just confirmed their acquistion by Fitbit and all it’s employees are now moving to Fitbit.

Last month, there were rumors about Fitbit acquring Pebble. Pebble was a start up woth debts. The aqusition would cost Fitbit something like 34 to 40 million US dollars. The company’s CEO Eric Migicovsky confirmed the rumors today with a blog. The blog does not confirm how much Fitbit paid to acquire the start up, but talks in details regarding what will be the future of Pebble products. He wrote:

“We have made the tough decision to shut down the company and no longer manufacture Pebble devices, While dissolving Pebble as you know today is difficult, I am happy to announce that many members of Team Pebble will be joining the Fitbit family to continue their work on wearable software platforms.”

“It’s a bittersweet day, but I want to extend my biggest thanks to the Pebble community,” he adds. He also added that the current Pebble devices will work as normal and will not see any immediate changes. But in future the functionality may be reduced or maybe will lack support of companion apps.

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Other Pebble Services Stopped Too

Warranty support has already been withdrawn. Pebble 2 that was beginning to ship earlier this month, has been cancelled. It really seems like that all devices are at the mercy of Fitbit. If the company decides to support these older devices for a while, it will be better for those who cannot make the switch right now.

In a developer blog, the company said, “The Pebble SDK, CloudPebble, mobile apps, developer portal, appstore, timeline API, dictation service, messaging service, and firmware will all continue to operate without interruption. Further down the road, we’ll be working to phase out cloud services, providing the ability for the community to take over, where possible.”

This company shutting down is definately a huge disappointment for the crowdfunding industry and fan.

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