Fitbit Charge 2 Gets Better with Firmware Update

Fitbit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2 was already one of the best fitness trackers that money could buy. Now, with a huge firmware update released on 20th December, the Charge 2 becomes a better fitness tracker. Here’s all the new bells and whistles that you get.

Pause Tracking

You probably do not do all your exercises in one go. Maybe when you are cycling, you stop by the departmental store and grab a few things, or maybe, you just take a little break. For those moments, you can now pause activity tracking on your Fitbit Charge 2 by tapping its button. You can tap again to resume the workout.

Relax Mode

A new relax mode allows you to have guided breathing sessions with your eyes closed. Previously, all the cues were visual. Now, with the new update, you get haptic feedback. The device vibrates once, telling you to breathe in, and nudges again, telling you to breathe out. It is similar to the Breathe app on Apple Watch.

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Better Visuals

You get a better heart rate visualizer. It shows a the heart rate zone that you are in and in how far you can go. The graphical tachometer styled heart rate monitor has a fat burn, cardio and a peak zone. The three zones are broken down into three partial dotted circles that are overlapped by a thicker line as your heart rate goes up. A bit confusing, but surely a handy visual guidance tool.

The Charge 2, now also has a battery indicator. Now, you do not need to check the app to find out the battery levels.

Do-not-Disturb Mode

The Charge 2 is great with sending all the notifications from your smartphone to your wrist. But, now you can choose not to have that. You can turn off all notifications, including reminders by pressing and holding the side button with the watch faced down to toggle the Do-not-disturb mode.

Source: CIO

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