Flex Seal Review: How it Works and Do You Need It?

Flex Seal is one of those proprietary home repair item that you need to have in your toolkit. Just like WD40, a lubricant that you can’t live without, Flex Seal is also another aerosol spray that you never thought you needed, but will end up being an indispensable part of your home repair kit. The product is widely advertised on television. In the infomercial, they replaced the bottom of the boat and layered the screen with flex seal. To test it out, they placed it for one day in water, and it didn’t sink, and stayed dry.

After the infomercial was broadcasted on television, the spray became widely popular in the boating community, but it’s uses does not just stop there.

It comes in Liquid Form

It’s hard to comprehend how an aerosol spray can actually seal things, but that’s the specialty of the product. It is a liquid sealant. The formula makes is easy to spray in cracks and holes and it seals them perfectly. This makes the product totally different from others.

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Consider it something like fast drying spray paint. It’s liquid while it’s in the can, and for a few seconds after you spray it. Once the paint dries up, it forms a solid layer. Flex Seal is something like that too. The spray is liquid rubber, but it also has a volatile liquid that evaporates once it is sprayed. The liquid dries up to form a solid mass that effectively forms a seal.

This is much better than most solid sealing agents. A lot of them comes in two parts that needs to be mixed before application. They often end up being very messy too. Besides, they also do not stick well to all surfaces.

How to use Flex Seal?

Flex seal is very easy to use. Once you locate the crack or the hole that you need to seal, clean it first. This will make sure that the seal is properly done. Then, from about 12 inches away, in a sweeping motion, spray flex seal towards the target. It will come out as a black spray that will soon solidify in a couple of hours. If you want, you can again spray another coat on it. Consecutive coats generally take longer to dry.

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The spray can be used to match colors too. So, if you are fixing a leaking roof and you are worried about your ceiling looking bad, you can always paint it once it has dried up. Also, Flex Seal holds the seal under extreme weather conditions too.

Is Flex Seal Right for You?

If your house suffers from leaky gutters, pipes or roofs, then Flex Seal can save you a lot of money. Especially with uncomplicated fixes, it works great. The seal will hold for a very long time and with a coat of paint, it will look completely new. The spray also has a good shelf life, so you can apply it again years after.

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