Foods That Fight Depression- A Perfect Guide To Keep Depression at Bay

Do you find yourself landing on the couch with a big bowl of yogurt ice cream whenever sad or depressed? Do your gloomy nights often feel better with a slice of chocolate fudge cake in hand? Well, food can bust depression and anxiety, and this is not a myth. According to research, certain foods have special properties that can stimulate a few hormones and glands in the human body. Consuming these, Foods that fight depression, can immediately help you feel better and step out of your depressed zone for a while. Hence, if you have been lurking around the gloomy alley for quite some time now, the moment has come to gorge on some yummilicious food.

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Food objects that can help you fight the blues:

Now that I have gotten you interested read on to find the top 10 Foods that fight depression.


Coconut is a major produce in coastal counties like India, southern America and also in other parts of the world. Coconut and coconut products are not only great ingredients to be used in dishes and as snacks, but also have certain qualities that allow them to act as a mood enhancer. Coconut milk has good fats, which when had in measured quantity can help both your body and mind, stay in shape.

These complete fats help in building and repairing tissues and improve body and brain functions. Hence by consuming coconut and coconut products you are not only helping your mood but also helping your body and brain improve their current status. The trick here is to keep your coconut consumption in proportion. Over consumption of the same may lead to unnecessary weight gain.

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Foods that fight depression


This might come to you as a surprise, but asparagus is one of the best Foods that fight depression and anxiety. This slender vegetable is known to be a great source of folate. Folate helps you to keep your cool and also protect yourself from unnecessary anxiety or temper. Hence, even though the Asparagus makes your urine smell weird, you can totally forget that part and enjoy a bowl of crisp, broiled, fried or boiled asparagus with any seasoning of your choice. It’s healthy, and it is a great remedy to a building bad mood.

Foods That Fight Depression

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Full- Fat Greek Yogurt

Proteins are a great way to start your day and Yogurt gives you just the right amount of protein. Full-fat yogurt contains special properties that help in influencing the functions of neurotransmitters that increase the level of pleasure in our brains. Apart from its qualities itself, a spoonful of Greek Yogurt creamy texture and to die for taste is all it takes to spur up the mood to all new heights. Bring a smile to your face with a bowl of yogurt topped with honey and a few berries.

Foods That Fight Depression


Now that we have already mentioned honey as a great accompaniment with yogurt, it is but natural that we discuss how it contributes in helping a blue day. Quercetin and Kaempferol are two special properties that are present in honey, which is an organic sugar substitute. Both these properties help in reducing the inflammations in the brain and maintain it’s all over health. Hence, as a result of reduced inflammations, anxiety and depression building hormones stay in control and help you in welcoming a smiley day.

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Foods That Fight Depression


Research has shown that Vitamin C is a great combating force for depression and mental stress. Berries, such as raspberries strawberries, blackberries, blueberries; all contain high levels of Vitamin C in them. Vitamin C has been recognized for maintaining a lower level of cortisone and control high blood pressure in the human body. All in all berries and their Vitamin C component are a great measure to stimulate the brain into a happier zone, even after participating in pressuring scenarios.

Foods That Fight Depression


Do you know what happens when you start feeling gloomy or depressed? Your brain stops producing the right amount of zinc; it requires to stay happy and energized. Here is where the cheeses step in. Saying cheese alone puts a smile on our face. Cheese is the finest source of zinc and supplies our body and mind with this core, mood-boosting substance. It is important that cheese be consumed in proportionate quantities, unless and until you love to have love handles around your waist.

Foods That Fight Depression


If your body is longing for some tryptophan and you are seriously not into your veggies, then give those asparagus a miss and hop to the table to have your share of turkey. Similar to asparagus, the turkey too is a great source of tryptophan, which on consumption produces serotonin. This enzyme helps balance and betters your mood and makes a gloomy day turn into a happy one. Turkey is a carnivore’s delight, and now you have one more reason to have more of it.

Foods That Fight Depression


One of the major reasons that make you feel, angry, irritated, full of anxiety or stress is the lack of Vitamin B in your body. If you are presently in any of these moods, peeling off a perfectly ripe banana and devouring it might be the perfect solution. Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B, which helps to build the health of the nervous system, assists with cell building, and promotes your mental health and state.

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Foods That Fight Depression


When looking for the best Foods that fight depression, Oysters make their spot on the top 10 list very easily. Oysters are just one of those foods that control the health of a number of glands that stimulate your mental state. Oysters are rich in properties like zinc, iodine, and selenium, all of which positively influence the thyroid gland, which in turn helps in managing your moods and also your weight.

Foods That Fight Depression

Dark Chocolate

When it comes to the king of depression-fighting food, Cocoa cannot be missed out on. Dark chocolate contains the largest quantity of the magical cocoa, which prevents premature aging and also renders a number of health benefits to the human body. Dopamine, Serotonin, and Phenylethylamine are the three recognized neurotransmitters that fight depression and anxiety with the most force. You can find them all in a bar of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate also helps increase brain activity and keeps you feeling good.

Foods That Fight Depression

Apart from the top 10 Foods that fight depression mentioned above, there are also other foods that provide similar benefits. Some of them include- cashews, eggs, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, spinach, whole grains and beans, salmon, sweet potato, etc. Choose any of these delicious food items, to keep depression at bay and bring a smile on your face.

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