Fried Rat Served At KFC- A Hoax News?

If you are a lover of KFC, then you must be very sad these days after coming across the news that KFC served fried rat to one of its customers. But do you think that a reputed brand like KFC will ever do this sort of mess?

Well, many people might say that this story is true. But as a die-hard lover of KFC, we should interpret this logically before we come to a sudden conclusion.

Before coming to any conclusion, let us know exactly what happened on that day.

A man, named Devorise Dixon went to a KFC outlet in Wilmington, Calif in the last week. There he ordered three pieces tender chicken meal. When he gave a bite in one piece, he found the meat rubbery and hard. He wanted to see what he was eating. He found that it was a ‘Kentucky Fried Rat’ instead of ‘Kentucky fried chicken’.

fried rat

Dixon posted the image in Facebook, and his story became viral. The story was shared more than thousand times. He warned people in his post that watch “what you eat” because “people are sick out there”.

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On the very next day, Mr. Dixon uploaded another set of images, saying that he met the manager of that KFC outlet and the manager apologized saying that it was a rat. He gave the caption to his post- “Went back to KFC yesterday and spoke to the manager. She said it is a rat and apologized; it’s time for a lawyer. Be safe. Don’t eat fast food!!!”

KFC noted this allegation seriously and started investigating. Still now, they did not find any such instances of serving fried rat in any chain.

The company said that the fried chicken pieces vary in shape and size. So the piece may look different. They also tried reaching Mr. Dixon aggressively, who is not yet reachable to KFC company. They asked Dixon to provide the ‘fried rat’ for testing. But there was no response from him.

Most people do not believe that this news is true. They said that the tail of that fried meat piece might be the skin of the chicken. There were no limbs present in the fried meat.

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As a KFC lover, we must think logically the fact, that why Mr. Dixon is not reachable? Why is he not providing the fried rat for testing?

Well, it’s very difficult to believe this news until we find a real proof. People like me will love KFC forever until MR. Dixon proves his accusation to be true.

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