Google has some Bad News for Donald Trump

Donald Trump ProtestsDonald Trump is taking over the presidency of the United States of America soon, but Google already has some bad news for him. According to data from Google Trends, people are more interested in protests against him, than celebrating his presidency.

More than half the country has searched for “inauguration protests” than “attend inauguration”. The phrases could mean a number of things, but one of them could be how strong the opposition against Trump really is.

A health majority searched for protests

A large number states, 31 to be precise, has searched for “inauguration protests”. The data is the collective data of the past seven days that  may change any moment. But at the time of writing this article, the large number of people are showing  interest in protests than attending the organization. You can check out the  embedded map below to see more in more details regarding the protests. Also, you can hover over the states on the map to check out the scores of the individual searches.

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Most searched questions paint a similar picture

The statistics from the most searched  questions regarding the inauguration shows a similar picture. According to Google, more Americans are interested in the opposition than actually attending the inauguration. At the time of writing, the most prominent question that tops the charts is “Who is boycotting the inauguration?” On the fifth, only is a very fundamental question – “What is an inauguration? ” showing how a lot of people don’t actually know what exactly the ceremony is about.

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The more prominent issues

Related to Trump, the other searches made on Google were regarding  Russians, ISIS, Immigration, Obamacare and Jobs. Now, Americans seem to care less about  the economy at the moment. After the recession in 2008, economic issues were more prominent.  You can look at the charts and lists embedded below more details.

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Source: Mashable

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