Google Chrome 55 ditches Adobe Flash, Improves Performance

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, had some bad reputation when it came to resource usage. Chrome quickly gained popularity after Google rebranded the open source Chromium browser, added their services and released it as Chrome. It loads web pages fast, supports tons of document formats and is easy to use with tons of plugins. However, it eats up a lot of RAM. The latest version of the popular web browser tries to fix things by reducing RAM usage, and also by ditching Adobe Flash for HTML5 is popular websites.

Flash = Security Vulnerabilities

For those who are unaware of it – Adobe Flash is slowly being phased out by browsers since it has huge security vulnerabilities. Flash is a plugin that is used to play multimedia (videos and games) on websites. But it is being replaced with HTML5. Sites like,,,,,,,, and use Flash massively, but also work without it.

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Google Chrome will now load the HTML5 version of the website components that used to run in Flash. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge also prefers HTML5 over Flash. Firefox blocks Flash plugins with a notification even if it breaks the page, Edge, on the other hand, provides a nifty toggle button to turn off Flash.

Improved RAM Handling

Google ChromeThe newest version of Chrome gets better at handling RAM. Chrome often got bashed by Opera and Microsoft Edge for being a resource hog and quickly draining device battery. Now, Chrome has gotten a bit better. Tech Savvy users can further tweak Chrome to get better memory usage.

The original open source web browser Chromium, from which Chrome is derived is actually better than Chrome in terms of memory usage, since it does not have Google’s frills. Chrome users can also switch to that if they want a faster browser that is exactly like Chrome.

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Source: Techspot

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