Google Doodle: Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra BoseGoogle celebrated the 158th Birthday of the father of wireless communication – Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose. A Doodle  was shown on Google’s landing page all across US, Australia, India and France, commemorating his contributions.

The physicist, botanist and author was born in the Munshiganj district of Bangladesh, which was in India during the British rule. Even during those times when racism and Bose achieved so much even without a proper laboratory.

Back in 1985, he pioneered wireless communication. He made a public demonstration at the Calcutta (now Kolkata) Town Hall. He send an electromagnetic wave through the walls that was used to remotely ring a bell and detonate some gunpowder.

He also invented the Mercury Coherer, a radio wave receiver that was later used by Guglielmo Marconi to build the first operational transatlantic two-way radio that was capable of communicating across 2,000 miles.

Giving Plants Life

Bose invented a Crescograph, a device that he then used to track the growth of plants by magnifying the process by ten thousand times. He tracked the growth of plans under different circumstances and stimuli. He found out that plant growth rate varied according to the external stimuli is was exposed to. Harsh sounds hindered the growth, but pleasant sound accelerated it.

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From his observations, he inferred how plants can also feel pain and understand affection.

Authoring Sci-Fi

When he was also 80, Bose authored Niruddesher Kahini (Story of the Untraceable) in 1986 in Bengali literature. The story tells how a bottle of hair oil can be used to divert a cyclone.

The Doodle may be gone now, but Bose lives one with his inventions and discoveries. lunar crater of 91 kilometres diameter was christened “The Bose Crater” in honour of Bose, who was also knighted in 1917. The Bose crater is located to the “Bhaba Crater”, named after Homi Jehangir Bhabha, father of the Indian atomic energy programme.

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