Herbs to Fight Diabetes – Best Guide Ever

Diagnosed with diabetes? Got regular medicine prescribed by the doctor for maintaining the sugar level? How about fighting diabetes naturally? Yes, it’s possible! There are many herbs those are proven to be effective in fighting against diabetes. In this article, we are going to discuss the herbs those help in maintaining the normal sugar level. Let’s find out some herbs to fight diabetes naturally.

Top 10 herbs to fight diabetes-


Basil has medicinal properties which make it a very useful herb. The aromatic basil leaves contain enzymes which assist in lowering the blood sugar level. According to studies, Basil helps to reduce blood sugar (fasting) by 18%. It even helps in controlling the spike in blood sugar level by 7.3% after meals. You can easily include Basil in any stews, soups, vegetables, etc. This is one of the most beneficial herbs to fight diabetes.



The presence of anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant in bilberry makes it effective in combating diabetes, improving heart health and lowering inflammation.

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herbs to fight diabetes


Peppermint is an excellent source of essential antioxidants. This herb helps in controlling blood sugar level. It’s amazing flavour and aroma are ever refreshing. This is one of the excellent herbs to fight diabetes naturally.

herbs to fight diabetes


Chamomile is a very useful and efficient herb when it comes to diabetes. It not only controls the blood sugar level but also helps in preventing diabetic complications. These work as wonder herbs to fight diabetes.

herbs to fight diabetes


Safe is rich in antioxidants and hence fights with diabetes pretty well. The high content of rosmarinic acid and polyphenols makes it an essential herb for every kitchen. The strong taste of Sage makes it work well for stews. A cup of sage tea is not only calming but soothing as well.

herbs to fight diabetes


By adding tarragon to your diet, you can decrease overeating. It is not an easily available herb as you would need to look for the French tarragon and not the American or Russian kind.

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herbs to fight diabetes


The scientific name of Dandelion is Taraxacum officinale. It is an all-around herb that restocks the required bitter agents in your body. That’s how it heals the liver and also lowers the blood pressure. It even helps in losing weight which is highly paramount with people having high blood sugar.

herbs to fight diabetes


Dill was originated in South-western Russia and the Middle East. According to the Ethnobotanical Database of James Duke, Dill has 70 various chemicals which make it one of the effective herbs to fight diabetes. You can add while preparing mushrooms, eggs or fish.

herbs to fight diabetes


Rosemary has been found to be an useful herb to fight diabetes. Carnosol is an active phytochemical present in rosemary. Rosemary can be easily used while preparing stir-fries, stews, meats, etc. Rosemary tea is again very refreshing and relaxing.

herbs to fight diabetes


There are seventy-five active phytochemicals available in Thyme those work effectively against diabetes. You can enhance any dish with this delicious and aromatic herb and fight back diabetes.

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herbs to fight diabetes


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