How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Corona Virus or COVID – 19 is the world’s biggest concern right now. At this time, it is really crucial to educate the people about the spreading of coronavirus and what they can do to not spread or catch it. How does COVID – 19 spread is an information everyone must know about.

The new SARS-CoV-2 can spread very quickly from one individual to another, even if they are not in direct touch. The virus particles can transmit from the infected individual to a healthy one if they are within 6-feet or 1.8 meters near.


Can coronavirus stay on surfaces? Can coronavirus live in clothes?

Also, covid-19 can spread if an infected person coughs or sneezes, and the droplets with the viruses land on the mouth or hands of the healthy person, who later touches his/her mouth with the newly fallen virus particle.

It is found that coronavirus can stay on surfaces for several hours

Fortunately, cleansers like hydrogen peroxide, bleach-based, ethanol, etc. can kill the coronavirus from surfaces if appropriately cleaned.

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Similar situation with clothes. The novel corona can stay active for a few hours to several days on any surface, including clothes.

Unlike another virus, it is found that coronavirus is not too small in size and can be airborne

These viruses are slightly heavy and hence can’t transmit through the air.

Limited examples are there that can prove that coronavirus can spread through feces. The stool samples of the infected individual showed viable coronavirus. That means, the stool can contaminate the hands of the people who are not infected and can infect them. That means, if a person touches contaminated water, food, or stool and doesn’t clean hand and touches his/her mouth, then he/she is undoubtedly going to get contaminated with coronavirus.

To avoid coronavirus spread, masks are useful

If you are well, you can use masks to prevent the droplets from coming from a contaminated person to you. If a person is sick, he/she can use the mask, so that his/her cough or sneeze droplets don’t infect his/her near and dear ones. But if someone is sick and at home, it’s not advised to wear masks.

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You should not touch the mouth, eyes, or nose often. Also, hand washing frequently, for 20 seconds with warm water, soap, and a sanitizer, can kill the germs to up to 60-90%.

Often people say that heat can kill the coronavirus. But, Australia is 80 degrees F, and Tom Hanks still got it. So, it’s very unclear as to how and when the novel corona spreads.

Can coronavirus transmit through food?

When we think that can coronavirus be spread through food, we get the same answer everywhere, that if the food is contaminated with the infected person’s sneeze or cough droplets, then the food can also spread coronavirus.

Basics of Coronavirus

Scientists aren’t sure where the coronavirus originated from. However, it was first identified in Wuhan, North China, on 31st December 2019. Within the next 3 months, it has spread rapidly to all the other countries except Antarctica. The death rate of this virus affected person is much higher than that of the regular flu, but the severity depends upon the location, age of the person, health condition of the person, and many other such reasons.

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Scientists are not sure as to where the coronavirus originated

However, they have found a similar type of viruses like SARS and MERS that pass between animals and humans.

The SARS-CoV-2 genome database found that this virus originated from the bat. So, people often think that bats are the possible transmitter of this deadly virus to humans. But as people can’t sell bats in the seafood market in the pandemic epicenter Wuhan, hence scientists are speculating that pangolins can be another source of the transmission.


Though currently, if you ask where coronavirus has spread, scientists would say that it reached almost every country except Antarctica, and there are no vaccines of this disease. However, the scientists are working day and night to save mankind from this deadly coronavirus. Some people say corona will be gone by summer but it’s just a rumor.

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