How to Lock Down Facebook Privacy

Facebook PrivacyPrivacy settings on Facebook are pretty complex, and often they get out of hand. A lot of people are leaking out personal data from Facebook unknowingly. Here are some of the major settings that you need to tweak to make sure that you are not sharing anything outside your comfort zone.

Lock down your profile

The very first step in sharing personal information on Facebook is by locking down your own profile and posts. Go to your profile and use the View As functionality to see what your profile looks to others, or even the public. Go to the about section of your profile and make sure  that no private information such as your date of birth, or your home address is public. Better, get rid of all personal the nitty gritty personal details that you have filled in your profile. Also, under settings, make sure that your profile is not visible to search engines.

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Friends and Followers

Get rid of people you do not know. Make sure that you know who is following you. Go to settings and check to whom your friend list, your followers list is visible to. For your list of friends, it’s better not to keep that as public. The main objective is to make sure that any random stranger, as a public viewer, cannot identify you or your peers uniquely. If you want, you can leave your list of followers as public.

Photos and Likes

It’s better to keep any photos that has your face as non-public. You can keep them visible to some (not all) of your friends. This also goes with all your likes on Facebook, the  pages, books, movies, music and everything else.


Not just creeps, companies track your online behavior and show you advertisements. Your data is also sold for money. So, go to the advertising section, and opt out of all the advertisements that you are seeing.

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Timeline and Tagging

Make sure that not everyone can tag you. Also, enable tag reviewing on Facebook. After some tagging, Facebook can also automatically identify your face in photos of other people on your friends list. Make sure that you tag yourself in as fewer photos as possible, and if needed, avoid tagging right on the face.

Logins from Apps

You have probably used a bunch of apps, those quizzes and games that you logged in using Facebook and never logged out. Time to get rid of those too. Go to the apps section in Settings and log out of all those apps that you are not presently using. These apps often use your data to generate revenue. So, the more data you  have on Facebook, the more these apps can acquire.

Browsing Cleanly

Online privacy comes with good browsing habits. Use a separate browser for Facebook. A portable version of Chromium or Firefox can do the job. Use addons like Ghostery or Adguard to prevent tracking. Also, make sure that you clean all cookies when you exit and  prevent using these browsers to shop online, or to do your work. On Android and iOS devices, using Firefox Focus is a great way to preserve your privacy.

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