How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Tired of thinking ways of reducing bulged tummy? Are your hips becoming warehouse of fats? Cheeks turning chubby? Tensed about the developing double chins?

If you are tired of asking people about how to lose weight fast, then you can get ready now to have a perfect waistline without any extra time devotion! Yes, you  heard it true  no exercise! No diet!  At the same time attractive figure too. Now buttoning up your jeans won’t be a tiresome job, and skin fit tops would soon be added to your collections.

Here are the ways to answer your queries about how to lose weight fast without exercise:

how to lose weight fast

Weight Loss with Water

how to lose weight fast

Right quantity of water at right intervals helps us reducing body weight. If your thirst for water is fed in right, you can avoid a considerable amount of extra calories. Just two cups of water before every meal will relieve your hunger a bit. It ensures you don’t overeat and also ensure how to lose weight fast. We should drink water at every two hours interval to maintain the water level in the body.

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Eat Well On Time

how to lose weight fast

Do we need to stay hungry to stop weight gain? The answer is “A BIG NO”. Staying hungry for long hours harms your body and when you eat you end up overeating. Instead of going for 3 heavy meals have 5 to 6 light meals. Be calculative while eating.

Eat for health not for taste!!!!!

Healthy Sleep

how to lose weight fast

People tend to sleep less to avoid weight gain. But it is a misconception. As when we are sleep deprived we tend to eat more and gain weight. Our body needs a sound sleep of 7-8 hours in order to allow our body to function properly. Sleep deprivation leads to greater secretion of insulin which makes losing weight more difficult.

Control the Diet Portion

how to lose weight fast

Be calculative about what you eat and when you eat. Avoid overeating. Like dinner must always be light as we have very less physical activity during the night. Balance your diet with less carbohydrate and more of proteins and fibre. Eat a bowl of salad so that you avoid over intake of chapatis or bread. Instead of high sugar content fruit juice like mangoes, bananas, etc.  you may take citrus fruit juices like oranges, lemon, etc.

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Performing Day To Day Physical Activity

how to lose weight fast

We can end up losing 10 pounds in a year without dieting by burning extra 100 calories every day. Like we should try covering short distances on foot instead of taking any vehicle. Cleaning house on self gives two returns; we end up losing weight, and we need not pay the maid too. Pulling weeds by hand instead of mowing the garden using a machine will be the answer to how to lose weight fast.

Avoid Stress

how to lose weight fast

It is noticed that people with a lot of work stress tend to gain weight. We should try to keep ourselves calm in every situation. Breathing exercises may help us in cooling our mind. We should try to be happy. As happy hormones in us are the remedy to all problems, and it will help us to answer how to lose weight fast.

Additional tips for how to lose weight fast:

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Do avoid keeping stomach empty for long as this may harm the body.

Chewing gums keeps our mouth moving and reduces the frequent urge for hunger. Also, this helps to reduce the fats of our face.

If we follow the above instructions, we may set an example to the people on how to lose weight fast.

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