How to Prove that the Earth is Not Flat without Building a Rocket?

A lot of conspiracy theorists have gathered stating that the Earth is flat, challenging a 2,000-year-old belief. This year has seen the first official gathering of the Flat Earth Society members and a few of them are really determined to find out if the Earth is really flat or not.

Mad Mike Hughes or just Mike Hughes is one of those who sincerely believe that the Earth is flat. As most of the proofs of the Earth being flat were dismissed by the scientific community for being flawed, Mike Hughes has built his own rocket that will carry him high up to allow him to see for himself if the earth is flat or not.

Since the last 50 years, we have been able to see photos of Earth from outer space which has been enough proof. However, this awareness was easily challenged by the growing internet conspiracy theories. At the same time, the lack of understanding of science also allows people to believe in such falsified statement without asking any questions. So, here are a few ways to prove that the earth is flat, without having to build a rocket and go into space.

Using the Shadows

One of the most common ways that even the Greeks used to prove that the earth is not flat is by using sticks. Now, on a flat surface, two identical sticks will have the shadow of the same length cast by the sun. So, the shadow cast at 10 AM by a stick in place A will be different from the shadow cast by the same stick at Place B at the same time. This is because the angle of the sticks with respect to the sun changes at different places since the Earth is not flat.

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This was also the method that the Greeks used to measure the circumference of the earth and back then, they were quite accurate for their time.

Using a High Altitude Balloon

Another option is to strap a camera to a high altitude balloon and let it fly. A high altitude balloon can go way up into the stratosphere before popping or beginning to descend. If one simply attaches a video camera to the balloon and starts recording before releasing the balloon, then the recording will be proof enough of the earth’s curvature. The curvature of the horizon becomes quite apparent from aeroplanes itself when they go up to a high altitude. From high altitude balloon, it becomes way more obvious.

Seeing Farther from Higher

If you cannot get a high altitude balloon, then try climbing a mountain or a plateau. Even with a little gain in altitude, you can see further when you look at the horizon. This happens because of the earth’s curvature. If the Earth was flat, you would be able to see the same distance.

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A Higher Dimension

Now, suppose that the earth is flat. Now, if you start going straight towards any direction, you will end up on one edge of the earth. One a smaller scale, this is what happens if you are in a park and from any point in the park, you simply start walking straight in any direction. You will end up being on one edge of the park.

However, when you are doing that with the whole Earth in consideration, that does not happen. You will not end up at any edge of the earth. Instead, if you manage to walk exactly straight, you will end up in the same position that you started from.

This indicates that the surface of the earth is warped – that there is another dimension. Therefore, the surface of the Earth is not two-dimensional, but three dimensional. That is, the surface of the earth forms a sphere and that is exactly why you end up in the same place from where you started.

Varying Stars

If the earth was flat, every place on Earth would see the same stars always. But that does not happen. If you are in the US and you take a flight to South America or Australia, you will see a completely different set of stars.

This happens because the earth is curved and different places of the earth face different regions in space at the same time. This is why some constellations are visible only in some seasons and the milky way is not always visible.

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Lunar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses happen when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun, Earth and the Moon are in a straight line. This allows us to observe the shadow of the earth on the moon, which is a complete circle. The circular shadow is only possible with a spherical earth.

Bedford Level experiment is Fake Science

The Bedford Level experiment was carried out in 1838 to prove that the Earth is flat and is often cited by many flat-earth believers. The experiment involved placing a marker that the end of a six-mile-long canal at a certain height and set up a telescope at the other end of the canal at the same height. The marker, being visible using the telescope proved that the earth was flat.

However, it does not take into account the optical effects of air over the water. Also, if multiple markers are set all along the canal at the same height, they will be observed to be at different heights when seen through the telescope. This was again not done. Hence, the experiment is simply inconclusive

Ultimately, arguments on the internet are never the best way to learn and verify facts.


Source: The Conversation



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