Huawei: The Most Profitable Android Smartphone Brand

HuaweiHuawei is right now, the most profitable Android smartphone brand. It has beat Samsung and is right after Apple, which is the most profitable smartphone company in the world. The company’s biggest Asian competitor – Samsung, took pretty massive blows in 2016 itself with the Galaxy Note 7. Huawei has been pretty silent and also consistent with their devices, sticking to the tried and tested devices, as well as offering great features. Here’s a sneak peek into their secret recipe to success.

Lower Price

This seems to be a very blatant reason, but it is true, and it is also the most prominent one. With lower price, you appeal to a larger user base. Offering phones with similar specs as that of the competitor at a lower price is actually a difficult job to do keeping in mind the profits, but the Chinese company has managed to do it and it has paid off.

Taking Advantage of Competitors’ Crisis

Another big reason for Huawei’s success is Samsung’s downfall. Samsung has actually brought it on themselves with the Galaxy Note 7 recall. It was one of their flagship products that the recall made the company lose billions. This, naturally put Huawei in a better position. Moreover, most of the phones by Huawei were pretty consistent, nothing with bleeding edge innovation. Newer phones were subtle improvements over the older ones.

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Capturing The Emerging Markets

The phones that the company made were not focused at US users, but mostly towards users in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and also China. Huawei is now also manufacturing phones in India that will be sold in the indigenous markets only, allowing them to sell at a lower price. Positioning themselves in the emerging markets perfectly allowed Huawei to also have a larger user base.

Source: iTech Post

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