Imran Khan Biography, Career and Personal Life

A Brief Introduction

Imran Khan (Bollywood actor) was born as Imran Pal on the 13th of January 1983 in the United States of America. Imran Khan moved to India in his growing years and settled in the country. He started off as an American film on-screen performer of Indian origin. He debuted and showed up in Hindi movies, therefore, making it big in Bollywood. The Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is his uncle. Imran Khan is also the nephew to movie maker and producer Mansoor Khan. He is the grandson of the producer-director Nasir Hussain. As a youngster, he acted as a junior or child actor in the movies Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992) and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988).


In his grown-up years, Imran Khan made his first acting presentation in 2008 with the rom-com film, which went by the name Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. It was a big business achievement as it was commercially hit, and the box offices were full. At the same time, the movie was critically acclaimed as well due to the fresh plot and film-making technique. His performance in the film got him the Filmfare Award for the category of Best Male Debut. However, his next two movies were quite a bit of a disappointment. Imran Khan was criticized by the media, and they considered him a “one film wonder.” Despite the backlog in hit films, he, at that point, featured in various economically hit and successful movies such as I Hate Luv Storys (2010), Delhi Belly (2011), and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011). However, these were the last of the films which were monetarily fruitful in nature. It was trailed by a progression of film industry flops one after the other. Imran Khan has also worked as a voice artist in a few films.

All apart from taking part in films as an actor, Imran Khan is a social activist. He composed segments for the reputed dailies like Hindustan Times. He is an active supporter of PETA. Imran Khan has diligently shown up for occasions related to PETA and animal welfare in general. He went on to tie the knot with Avantika Malik in January 2011. They were in a ten-year-old romantic relationship, and to date, they are happily married.

Imran Khan has had his fair share of ups and downs in his Bollywood career. However, overall he is a pretty influential person given the active lifestyle he has with the entertainment industry. He manages to influence people, not just restricted to India but all over the world. Imran Khan has managed to deliver a few hit Imran Khan movies, which are watched and rewatched to date. In this article, we will get to know more about his life and his movies.

Early Life And Childhood

Imran Khan was conceived And originally named Imran Pal. He was born on the 13th of January,1983, in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, United States. Imran Pal was born to parents Anil Pal and Nuzhat Khan. Imran Khan’s father was a software engineer, and his mother Nuzhat Khan was a psychologist. Imran Khan’s granddad was a Bengali by birth. He was wedded to a British woman. As a result, Imran’s dad is a half-Bengali Hindu who fills in as a ranking director and senior manager at Yahoo in California. Imran’s mom is Muslim by religion. She comes from a family whose family business has been movie making. Nuzhat Khan is the girl of the executive and movie director Nasir Hussain and is a sister to the director-producer Mansoor Khan. Nuzhat Khan is also the cousin of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. Imran Khan young was a bright student in general.

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When Imran Khan was yet a little child, his parents entered a mutual separation and got themselves divorced. Soon after, his mom moved to Mumbai with him from where he was. Later on, in his life as an actor, Imran Khan revealed in an interview that he looked up to Raj Zutshi, who was his step-father, as the dad figure during his developing years. He was enlisted at the reputed Bombay Scottish School. However, it is here where he built up a stammer because of floggings, for example, caning. According to Khan, his academic evaluations fell, and his scholarly vocation through a solid decrease. This, he says, is due to his failure to adapt to the new schooling condition and, additionally, drastically changed family circumstances. The immense amount of changes added with strict schooling became the reason behind him becoming apprehensive, and he eventually developed a disorder named facial tics. Eventually, his mom wedded again. Imran Khan was sent to a boarding school named Blue Mountain School in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.

Imran Khan went through depression in Coonoor. However, he adjusted to the new school and later portrayed his experience there as “extraordinary,” in spite of the fact that his academics stayed poor. Imran Khan and a few other students of the boarding school accompanied the school principal to a Gurukul once he left the school. They tailed him to a Gurukul in the wildernesses of Ooty. The new school had no power connections. The Gurukul was essentially a place where no formal education would be provided. The students grew their own vegetables and washed their garments in the spring. Imran Khan later admitted to the fact that this frequent change of schools made him a strong person. However, he ended up being a loner.

Khan, at that point, moved to Sunnyvale, California. He lived with his dad and went to Fremont High School. Upon graduation, he sought to turn into a movie executive and director. Subsequently, he moved to Los Angeles to seek a degree in film-making. He was at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles branch. He studied composing, directing, and cinematography in detail. Imran Khan was enlivened by Roald Dahl. Dahl was his role model. After getting his degree, he wandered into market research, statistical surveying, and advertising. He moved back to Mumbai and started his training at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute. As a child, Imran Khan played the role of a younger Aamir Khan in the movies Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992).

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Professional Life

While preparing himself at Kishore Namit Kapoor Institue, Imran Khan began reaching out to people and networking. He met Abbas Tyrewala, who was a director-writer at that point in time. He subsequently offered him the main role in his upcoming film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na got positive remarks and was economically fruitful. The box office boomed, and it made a lot of money. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na earned around $830 million all over the world. The critics appreciated the fresh story and cast of the film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. The CNN-IBN movie critic Rajeev Masand called him to be the best young actor of the time. He won the Best Male Debut Award at the 54th Filmfare Awards for his role as Jai Singh Rathore or Rats in the movie. He shared his award with Farhan Akhtar.

However, after this, Imran Khan conveyed a number of average to not-so-average films like Break Ke Baad, and Kidnap. Imran Khan’s role in Kidnap was not too bad. However, it seemed too superficial in parts. He was in the movie named Luck in which he featured alongside Shruti Haasan, Mithun Chakraborty, and Danny Dengzongpa. Break Ke Baad had Deepika Padukone with Imran Khan in it. None of them did well at the box office and were flops one after the other. Post the first few failures, Karan Johar offered Imran Khan the lead role in I Hate Luv Storys (2010) in which he played a Cassanova. The movie was directed by Punit Malhotra, and beside Imran Khan was Sonam Kapoor. I Hate Luv Storys did well at the box office and garnered around $10 million. It was an international success as well. However, critics saw the need to ask him to improve on his emotional scenes.

It was only in the year 2011, that Imran Khan by and by rose back with the mega-hit movie Delhi Belly. This film was a huge hit. Delhi Belly was written and directed by Abhinav Deo. Imran Khan was cast alongside Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapur. Imran Khan’s acting in this movie went ahead to gain critical acclaim yet again. It was well respected as well. Not to mention, it was a raging success despite being an A-rated movie. Delhi Belly was undoubtedly the best work Imran Khan has been involved with.

In the same year, he was in the movie Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar. The movie was a domestic success collecting around $8.1 million only in India. Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu was an overall average movie where his performance was appreciated. He was cast beside Kareena Kapoor. However, his subsequent series of poor motion pictures began by and by with films like Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara!, out of all the others. Katti Batti was the last movie the Imran Khan actor was seen in.

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Personal Life of Imran Khan

Imran Khan was a child when his parents were divorced. His second father and mother separated in the year 2006, and his mother remarried again. Despite the constant changes in his family, all his parents remained friendly to one another. Imran Khan adopted his mother’s surname to pay her respect. Nuzhat Khan was a single mother and a working psychologist who brought Imran Khan up despite the circumstances she faced.

Imran Khan is now married to his long-term girlfriend, Avantika Malik. As Imran Khan’s wife, she is now Avantika Mallik Khan. Avantika Malik is the daughter of the CEO of the CNBC-TV18 news channel, Vandana Malik. Imran Khan never hid his relationship status with Avantika from the media, and as a result, it received much coverage in the media right from the beginning of his career in Bollywood. He gives him credit for making him a more balanced person overall. Imran Khan admits that he found his best friend in his wife, and it is she that taught him a lot in life and made him a better person overall.

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik got engaged on the 16th of January 2010 at a farmhouse that belongs to Avantika’s family in Karjat, Navi Mumbai. A year later, the couple tied the knot with a private ceremony at Aamir Khan’s residence at Pali Hill. It was on the 9th of June, 2014 that the couple gave birth to a baby girl, and they named her Imara Malik Khan. Imran Khan has never been afraid of making himself unavailable as a romantic interest. He has been confident of his romantic relationship to such an extent that he has never been shy of the media. On the same note, he had said that he liked to stay away from the media coverage and paparazzi when he is away from work. He only likes to entertain the media correspondents when promoting his films. Otherwise, he likes to enjoy a life of solitude with his wife and daughter.

His married life has been pretty non-controversial in nature. This is because he steered clear of any unnecessary complications and gossip. He disliked rumors and did not entertain them at all.

Concluding Thoughts

Imran Khan has had his highs and lows in the Indian Film Industry, i.e., Bollywood. He has had films that have won him awards and, more importantly, critical acclaim. On the same note, Imran Khan (Bollywood actor) movies have been commercial hits as well. He has been adored for his chocolate boy looks.

With his efforts in the charity business, animal welfare, and LGBTQ community, Imran Khan has been continuing to impact people in various ways.

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