All Indian Crew to Explore Martian Climate for the First Time Ever

MarsAfter making history with the Mars Orbiter Mission, India is now set to embark on a simulated Martian environment where the participants will experiences the challenges of a manner mission to the red planet.

Following the success of Mangalyaan, India is already putting forward ideas for sending another probe to Mars. Besides that, it is also looking ahead for the challenges that one can face when he or she is out there on the red planet. The crew comprises only of Indians. The assignment will take place between January 28th, 2017 and February 12th, 2017. The location is the MDRS or the Mars Desert Research Station is Utah, US, as reported by the Times of India, quoting Michael Stoltz, Mar’s Society’s chief spokesperson.

The objective of the research project using the all Indian crew is to find out how much human associated bacteria will contaminate the red planet during the manned missions. Also, it is required to measure the impact of the dust storms.

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Around 1000 youngsters have participated in the programs of MDRS since in launched in 2001. MDRS crews traditionally consist of six people, who volunteer for one of the two week shifts or crew rotations available during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. This was built in order to develop knowledge needed to prepare for exploring Mars. These also include the development of field tactics, making tools and gathering the knowledge needed to explore the red planet.

The space race to get to Mars is on. Beside government funded space agencies across the world, private companies such as SpaceX and Boeing has also shown keen interest in going to Mars. The desert climate at Utah is much warmer than that of Mars, but exhibits a similar terrain and appearance, making it a favorable spot for simulating the Martian environment and for doing related experiments.

Source: Indiatimes


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