Information About Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld originally Jerome Allen Seinfeld, is primarily a Stand-up Comedian with various talents, including acting, directing, writing, producing, etc. inhabited in the United States of America. He had made him famous by the sitcom Seinfeld. It is earlier known as The Seinfeld Chronicles and written by Larry David and himself. Along with his career, he played roles in multiple films and hosted various TV shows. He has a five people family with three children and his wife Jessica Seinfeld, who is also an author.

Earlier Life of Jerry Seinfeld


The highest-paid comedian was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up visiting Massapequa High School situated in the Lond Island. He also volunteered in Kibbutz Sa’ar in Israel at the age of 16. He was graduated from Queens College, occurring a degree in theatre and communication, but spent the first year of college at the Oswego University of New-York.

Jerry Seinfeld Career

Seinfeld always had an attraction in Stand-up Comedy during his college productions. While he was studying in college, he had attended many open-mic nights. After graduation though some open-mics, he got a chance to play a role named Frankie in a sitcom Benson but later fired. In 1988 the creativity of Seinfeld blasted by creating a super-popular teen sitcom The Seinfeld Chronicles, then called shortly as Seinfeld, which was also written by Larry David and Seinfeld himself. It had become the most viewed sitcom of all time in the US televisions. The sitcom Seinfeld had made several successful re-runs until 1998.

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Later he had also acted in various movies, including Eddie, Comedian, The Thing About My Folks, Top Five. In 2007 he worked in a film Named Bee Movie, which had won multiple awards.

He also starred in many TV shows like Benson, The Rating Game, Stand-up Confidential, Seinfeld, NewsRadio, Mad About You, Love and War, etc. As said earlier, Seinfeld got very much popularity and is the highest viewed sitcom.

Jerry Seinfeld Wealth

In the former time of his career in 2004 only from the sitcom The Seinfeld Chronicles, Jerome earned over 200 million US dollars and made himself a celebrity amongst the United States and also received over a hundred million from the syndication deals. Stand-up comedy shows that made him the highest-paid comedian ever. He has appeared in many business commercials, including Apple, Microsoft, and many others.

Seinfeld also is an automobile lover and car collector who has a collection of over 150 cars. He also rented an airport hangar for storing his Porsche collection. Discovery channel also claims that Seinfeld owns various classic Porsche that priced over Seven hundred thousand dollars.

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He is also a coffee lover and owns several espresso coffee machines that cost over a million dollars.

It is claimed from a reputed company that the estimated net worth of Jerry Seinfeld is expected to over 900 million US dollars.

Nomination And Awards received by Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld won and nominated for various awards. In the won awards it includes The best comedy actor TV in 1994, Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 1994, 1996 & 1997.

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