Intel’s new processor threatened by AMD Ryzen as 8th Gen does not bring anything new to the table

Intel just revealed their 8th generation processors that will be released sometime later this year. They also proved that the days of getting a new architecture once every year or two is a thing of the past. It has been four years since intel introduced their 14-nm process. For four times in a row, the chip maker is using the same technology, claiming that you can get 15% higher performance on the new generation when compared to the last (in SysMark tests).

Focus on Mobility

This year, intel will be focusing mostly on U and Y series processors that are used in laptop and ultraportable computers. So, you can expect to see smaller and thinner devices. However, that is not yet to come to mainstream market before next year.

What happened to 10nm?

With the stall in development that Intel has been experiencing for a while, it seems that even when the 10nm is released, you will not see a large switch. Moreover, Intel said that the future processors will be “fluid” and will the lithography will be determined by the segment that is being targeted. So, the first series to get the updates will probably be Xeon.

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Tough competition from Qualcomm and AMD

Intel vs AMD

Qualcomm is releasing their 10nm chips later this year. At this moment, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones do not have as much power as a laptop PC, but Windows 10’s x86 on ARM may change that scenario.

Also, a recent leak has shown that AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are 70% cheaper than that of intel. The prices were spotted at and Ryzen R7 CPUs which are meant to compete with the Core i7 line up is priced at 490.29 USD (around 36,000 INR with shipping and taxes). The 1800X is only $490.29, the 1700X is $381.72, while the 1700 is $316.59. These are all 8 core 16 thread CPUs. The Ryzen R5, which will compete with the Core i5 lineup is even cheaper.

AMD is set to release their CPUs later this month. The Vega 10 GPUs will also be released sometime later.


Source: Engadget, Auto World News

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