How the iPhone 8 may Implement a Function Bar and a Home Button

iPhone 8 RenderThe iconic home button has been a part of the iPhone devices since the device debuted in 2007. Even the buttons at the Apple Park’s elevator represent the home button, thanks to Apple’s attention to design and details. Now, as rumors say, the next phone is supposed to get a facelift – a major one. The new iPhone 8 will be an all screen device, much like the next Samsung flagship device. The bottom area of the screen will now be dedicated entirely for the home button and the function bar.

Conflicting Screen Size Rumors

The rumors for the iPhone 8 screen size has been a bit inconsistent, and maybe the reason behind it is the function bar. The function bar simply represents the mobile version of the touch bar that will now provide you with contextual actions.

This is pretty much similar to those soft buttons we used to have on feature phones. Two or three buttons that change functionality based on what is opened. On the next iPhone, probably with software upgrades, something similar will be done, on both sides of the on-screen home button.

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Design challenges

Now, there will be some design challenges, especially when all the extra blank space is taken into account. The increased display size will appear blank for most apps that have not yet been updated, or unless Apple updates iOS in a way that moves some controls of the app in the function bar region.

Also, Apple will have to integrate the Touch ID sensor on the screen – something that they are working one now. They are also developing the new sensor in-house.  Moreover, the use will no longer have any tactile feedback as to where to touch to unlock the device when the display is off. Maybe the entire screen will be able to read fingerprints.

Source: MacRumors

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