Is Diabetes Mellitus Affecting Your Memory?

One disease that has been taking the world by storm and is affecting hundreds, thousands and millions of people at a time is the Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes has been affecting not only adults but is also pervading the health of children in large numbers. It has been taking a serious toll on the health of all who are carrying diabetes in their blood.

Diabetes Mellitus

Health Hazards posed by Diabetes Mellitus

Some of the major health hazards that one might have to bear due to the long-time presence of Diabetes Mellitus in one’s body are-

  • Eyesight damage also known as Glaucoma,
  • Retina damage,
  • Kidney damage,
  • Urine Infections,
  • Weakening of the bones,
  • And a lot of other organ damages and health hazards.

Recent studies on Diabetes Mellitus

Recent studies and researches have paved way for experts to examine and understand the most devastating effects of diabetes on the victims. Some of the results of these examinations are showing results that are well worth being scared for. Some of these severe effects brought upon by Diabetes Mellitus that need to be tended to include right away memory loss and the decreasing power of the mind to think and function. Even daily activities like bathing, cooking, etc. can be hampered due to Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes has proved to be a much more serious threat to humans as compared to its type 1 counterpart. Recent study also says that Diabetes Mellitus is Prevalent mostly in Developing Countries.

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Diabetes Mellitus

What do the new studies unveil about Diabetes Mellitus?

To prevent oneself from the scary effects of Diabetes Mellitus it is advised that the disease be brought under control. The longer it stays in the body, the more time it gains to cause sufficient harm to the body and as per latest studies to the mind too. According to the latest studies performed by the experts in the field of medicine-

  • Individuals suffering from Type 2 Diabetes have an increased risk of suffering from risks of declining cognitive skills, memory lossand also the reducing ability of the brain to perform regular functions.
  • As per the study, diabetes causes an irregular and abnormal flow of blood to the brain that forms the core to all the trouble, investigates by the medical experts. Over the span of a couple of years, the brain seizes to perform to its full ability and starts by affecting the memory. Forgetting tasks or even everyday chores can be the starting point of the illness.
  • During phases of increased mental function or activity, the body fails to source enough oxygen and sugar to the brain. These adverse effects, brought about by Diabetes Mellitus, hamper the quality of the activities to be executed and stop the brain from performing its usual best.
  • Many symptoms occur mostly due to the reduction of grey matter in the brain.
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Diabetes Mellitus

This imparity can happen within the mere time span of two years. The longer is the time span of the illness borne; the greater is the chance of an individual to lose his normal mental health at a speedier pace. For people with Type 2 Diabetes, it is important to get in touch with experts who can guide them out of the situation in the shortest span of time. It is important to control your diabetes level now.

 Source- The Huffington Post

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