ISRO Seeking Mars Orbiter Mission 2, as MOM-1 Completes First Mission

Mars Orbiter Mission 2The Indian Space Research Organization is looking forward to expand its explorations related to the red planet after the successful first mission of first Mars orbited, called Mangalyaan. ISRO is current seeking proposals for Mars orbited Mission 2. The Union Minister of State under the Prime Minister Office did not confirm any scientific experiments in mind, but said that the next MOM will drastically increase India’s space exploration programs.

Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of State said in an interview, “A call for proposals through an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) has been made within India to seek proposal for scientific experiments for Mars Orbiters Mission-2.”

India’s first Mars Orbiter Mission or the MON-1 completed 25 months of orbiting the red planet in flying colors. MOM-1 is still functional and is a relevant part of ISRO’s space research program. MOM-1 or Mangalyaan was launched on a C25 rocket on 14th September, 2014. In a span of two years on earth, Mangalyaan reached mars, completed two a revolution and has sent back data for analysis by the research team. Thus, MOM-1 has proven to be very successful. Therefore, the government is now seeking proposals on the next orbiter’s project would be.

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Mangalyaan one was launched with very limited instruments. It had only 5 instruments on board. It was launched to see what takes an orbiter to survive a cruise of 300 days to Mars with pre-calculate maneuvers. Even though it was launched with very limited resources, it is a full-fledged craft that is capable of autonomous settings, navigation and communications, and of course, with the ability to explain the Martian surface and atmosphere.

Also, the ISRO MOM-1 gained much attention globally as the entire mission budget (74 million USD) was lower than that of the Gravity movie (100 million USD). More importantly, US, Russia, and the European Union have had successful Mars missions so far and all of them failed at half of their previously made attempts.

Source:  Nature World News, Vox


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