ISRO sets eyes on Venus, may partner with NASA

India is planning to impress the world by visiting Venus for the first time and will revisit the red planet again. The plans for another visit to the red planet was revealed a few months back. However, the visit to Venus was first noticed buried deep within the electronic budget documents.

The new prime minister’s love with space endeavors are quite evident as ISRO received a massive boost in funding – a whopping 23%. This will fund for the Mars Orbiter Mission II and the mission to Venus. This was revealed in the budget under the sciences section. The Mars mission has a 2021 – 2022-time frame and as per existing plans, the mission will also include putting a new rover or a probe on the surface of the planet.

Entering the multi-billion-dollar Launcher Market

Going along with the new trends, ISRO has also started to partner with other counties to get satellites into space. ISRO, here is competing directly with NASA and SpaceX, along with some other private companies. India is relatively new when it comes to the launcher business.

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ISRO offers cheaper solutions when it comes to getting satellites into space. The organization will attempt a mega launch where it will get a total of 104 satellites into space. This will be a new world record. The organization will use their new PSLV or the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that will be used to put all the satellites in orbit in one mission. Most of these will be small satellites that will be imaging the earth in unprecedented detail.

The mission to Venus will provide India with another change to partner globally. Venus is a planet that has not been explored much and the mission will obviously prove to be quite valuable.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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