It Was A Headache, But I Could Not Believe The Reason. Find Out My Story

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning. I woke up late with an excessive headache. I felt like removing my head with a knife. My hubby prepared a cup of coffee and gave it to me on the bed. I was suffering from this unbearable headache since last one month. I talked over this issue with my hubby and decided to visit a doctor for this daily suffering.


I called up our family physician and fixed an appointment. The doctor analyzed my problems and said that I should visit a psychiatrist. I do not know what was happening. I did not have any clue that why I required visiting a psychiatrist for simply having a headache!

There was no other option for me. Doctor advised me to go to a psychiatrist and fixed appointment with a doctor with whom he knew before. In the afternoon, I visited the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist asked me hell many questions. I could not understand what the connection with these questions with my problems. The doctor discussed with me my problems for almost two long hours.

I was surprised at his finding. I could not believe my ear that he is saying I am suffering from depression!!

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He said that continuous depression and lack of proper sleep at night was the reason behind my regular headache in the morning. I was speechless with this finding. I and depressed? Why am I depressed? I am happy in my life. I have two lovable kids, an adorable husband and everything that a woman desires in her life. Still I am depressed?

I could not believe the doctor. However, I had nothing else to do other than following the doctor. The doctor explained me exactly what happened to me. He said that due to taking too many tensions and worries, my nerves have started producing less amount of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain that handles the regulation of our mood.

My hubby was wordless. He was incapable to believe that a fun-loving person like me was suffering from depression. I was also stunned. The doctor described many aspects of depression that I never knew before.

Though medical science has developed a lot, still the core reason for depression is not well known. There is no particular reason for depression. There may be several factors responsible for depression. Starting from genetic factors to social factors, like trauma, grief, unemployment, financial problems, anything may lead to depression.

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The doctor said that the problem of depression is so widespread nowadays, that almost 19 billion people suffer from depression each year. Depression is almost like an epidemic nowadays though not contagious. I was shocked to know the data about depression from my doctor.

My session with the physician took almost two long hours. I could not believe myself that I was suffering from depression. Many people have depression, but me too? No, it was unbelievable.

I returned to my home. My hubby bought all the medicines that my doctor referred.

It was a hard time for me to believe that I am in depression, and I have to take many drugs daily. However, thank God, my hubby, and my kids were always supportive. I also got huge support from my family. They made me stronger each day.

It took almost two years for me to recover. Now I am a mentally sound person. I am happy always with my life. I get enough sleep at night. I do not wake up with headache in the morning. My life seems more colorful than before. I am more cheerful and jovial always. I enjoy my daily lives. Being happy personally and mentally, I am capable of expanding my business also. All aspects of my life started seeing beautiful. I am happy now.

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However, depression is an epidemic nowadays. However, it is curable. I am sure about this from my personal experience. What you need to do is only know the symptoms and visit a good doctor. You need to take medicine regularly. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to stop the negative thoughts from wandering in your mind. Have faith in God. He is there for us to save us from all critical conditions. Gradually you will also be able to start a healthy and happy life.

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