James Franco Net Worth

James Franco Net Worth, any idea?

A well-known name in Hollywood, James Franco, made movies such as The Spiderman Trilogy, The Wizard of OZ, 127 Hours, and so much more. James Franco is an American Actor, director, film producer, artist, screenwriter, poet, and so much more.


The actor has managed to work in many different types of projects which have been critically acclaimed. Amongst his movies, 127 Hours was the one that was in nominations for having the Academy Award. The film was nominated for Best Actor.

With such a fantastic profile along with a career like that, there is no doubt that people would be interested in knowing James Franco Net Worth. In this article, we are going to have a little chat about it so that you can understand what we are talking about.

Some Details About James Franco Early Life 

James Franco was born as James Edward Franco on April 19, 1978, and that too in Palo Alto, California. He had two brothers, Tom and Dave Franco, who are coincidently both actors.

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In his childhood, Franco attended the Palo Alto High School, from which he graduated in the year 1996. Then he continued his study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and had a major in English.

He dropped from college against the wishes of his parents and that too on the first year itself. The reason was that he wanted to pursue the dream that he had for acting. His acting lessons happened at the Playhouse West with Robert Carnegie, where he studied while working at McDonald’s for financial support.

Acting Career Of James Franco 

It was in Los Angeles where Franco auditioned for several roles. His first break was a proper commercial for Pizza Hut which was in the year 1997. Then he went ahead to work in guest roles on different television shows. This is when he found his first significant break in 1999.

It was during this time that the producers and directors choose him in for the lead role in the NBC show “Freaks and Geeks.” The show became a cult hit even though it didn’t last long and that is how James Franco came into the map as a proper star in the industry.

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The Acting career of Franco continued rising as he soon got a role in the fantastic TV Movie James Dean I the year2001. It was for this show that he received the excellent Golden Globe awards as well. There was an Emmy nomination for Franco along with the SAG Award as well.

From his acting career along with some other side projects of producing, screenwriting, art, and so much more, Franco has made his net worth about #35 million. So this is all you need to know about James Franco Net Worth 2020.

There is not a single speck of doubt that the actor is easily one of the most celebrated stars and has received a lot of awards and nominations for his work. We hope this article was able to help you with getting the details that you wanted about James Franco Net Worth in Forbes.

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