Joining back work after maternity – I

There are many of us, who have dreaded being through this extremely difficult phase which intersects our motherhood and career – Going back to work after maternity.

Yet women do it. For some, the transition is smooth, for some, it is full of hiccups. After speaking to several such women who have transitioned through this phase, I thought I should share this list of ideas to help you decide.

What do you want to do? Not your well-wishers, or family or friends or your chief advisor or your boss. Answer this question to yourself. What do you want to do? Do you want to rejoin? Do you want to take a longer break? Are you not ready to go back to the corporate? Do you want to think of an alternate career? Let the choice be yours. So that you don’t have to hold anyone else accountable for your decision.

Weigh the following aspects before you decide: financial aspects, your past investments for your career, how to ensure that your child is not impacted by your decision (Alternate careers or long breaks can require greater involvement than getting back to your previous job) and logistics.

Joining back work after maternity – II

Why do you think some women give up on their careers after maternity break? Well, the reasons are many but if the decision is yours, it helps to accept it better. Own your decision and be accountable for it.

Whatever be your decision, a new baby is an addition to the family and with it comes additional expenses. Being a woman of today, you can no longer say that finance is not your department. Here are some financial aspects you need to keep in mind.

  • A baby definitely requires a long term investment for her future which should be done by her parents (parents mean both father and mother). Do you have enough savings for it?
  • Accepting a pay cut to take up a part-time role definitely means you get more time for yourself and baby, however, it also means you are cutting on future savings and delaying your prospects of vertical growth
  • Have you searched for the various tax savings options available to you if you invest in a scheme for your child?
  • If you plan to start an alternate career option, this is undoubtedly a good time. But how much of financial investment would that require? Are you ready to invest that much?
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Joining back work after maternity – III

Why do we often see that getting the role of your choice seems so difficult after a break in a career? If you had quit your job, it is even more difficult to get a new job post the break. Some organizations have a policy of NOT recruiting employees with more than a certain period of the gap in their career.

While organizations are gradually evolving and moving towards more tolerant conditions that are favorable for men and women alike, even today we have hardbound policies which does not allow a woman to return to her career if she has taken a break for a while.

One of the dominant reasons for this policy to be in place is that some of the technologies or operating principles you may have worked on in the year 2017 may have already become obsolete or redundant by the year 2019.

So stop giving them the chance to reject you. Treat yourself to a course or a certification that not only adds another feather to your cap but gears you better for a better career. Invest in training and learn a new technology or language that gives you an edge over the others.

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Joining back work after maternity – IV

Hello new moms,

Are you already at the crossroads of having to choose between your baby and career? If men are asked to choose between house and food, what would they choose? Nobody poses such choices to men, then why such absurd situations for women?

Now, why should what you do in the house be held up as a choice against your livelihood? Why should you have to choose between water and oxygen when the earth has allowed you to have both?

Remember, there will be a time when you will be redundant in your home. When your presence will not be required 24/7. The sad news is, by then, you will have become redundant in your career as well.

So think, and decide what works for you. In this case, you can have the cake and eat it too. Today, most organizations provide pumping rooms, nursing breaks, daycare facilities, work from home and flexi timing options. Make the most of these. Your child will grow up in the blink of an eye. Eat well to run the extra mile for these few years.

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Joining back work after maternity – V

Dear moms,

Let’s come to terms with why we need to join back work after baby:

  1. Career goals
  2. Financial needs
  3. Investment in our education
  4. Social Independence

It could be any of the above. But the truth is women need to continue working even after maternity. Having a baby is the most wonderful phase in a woman’s life. Which is why it should not be made the reason to quit a career. That’s not what your child will be proud of, isn’t it? What answer can you give if your child asks you, “Was I responsible for the end of your career, mamma? Am I also expected to do the same when I grow up?”

However, this could be a good time to reshuffle your career plans and choose an alternate career option, something you have always wanted to do and didn’t have the heart to try. Maybe, baking at home or starting a career as a writer. Ladies, this could be a time for you to do something you have always dreamt about. By all means, go for it if an 8 to 7 job no longer seems appealing to you. But do remember, that such things require time investments too.

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