Leaked Press Renders of Moto X Reveals Dual Camera Setup

Moto X RenderTwo new press renders revealed the upcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola, the Lenovo owned company. The render shows a golden variant of the phone that comes with a dual camera setup. The new leaks are similar, but not exactly identical to the ones that were released prior to this. In this setup, the phone is lacking the Motorola Bat Wings logo on the front, like most Motorola phones that are presently in the market.

Also, as the leaks show, the 2017 Moto X will ship with a font mounted fingerprint sensor, right below the screen. According to reports, the device will come with a 5.5-inch display and be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 system-on-chip (SoC) and at least 3GB of RAM. There will also be another variant of the device with 4GB RAM. The former will have a 32GB onboard storage and the latter will come with 64GB. it doesn’t look like a flagship material at all.

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What can you do with two13 MP sensors?

The dual cameras will each have a 13MP sensor underneath them. Besides that, there is no word on what else the cameras will have. Two cameras together may have different lens setups, one with a wide angle, and one with a slightly narrower FoV for those far away subjects. However, a closer look at the press renders do not show any noticeable difference in the camera lenses.

Two cameras can also be used to create a fake shallow depth of field effect. This was previously used in HTC phones, and have been recently implemented in the newest iPhone. However, the effect is heavily reliant on software too. Another thing that two cameras are good for is making great low light shots. Two cameras shooting the same subject in low light can cancel out each other’s noise using a image stacking and a median filter and provide great low light shots.

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There is no word on the front camera’s specifications yet.

Source: Android Headlines

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