Leaked Windows 10 Build Offers Preview of Tons of New Features

Microsoft won’t be releasing any new version of Windows 10 till 2017, even for Insiders. However a leaked build shows that work is in progress at Redmond at full force. A new leak of Windows 10 Version 1703 bears the build number of 14997 and goes by the codename “Redstone 3”. The build comes from the “rs_onecore_base” branch and was first spotted by Windows Central. Here is the full list of noticeable features.

Setting up With Cortana

During the OOBE or the Out Of Box Experience, where you sign up as the very first user of the PC, you can now use voice commands to get your work done. Cortana now stays active even before Windows is set up and can take voice commands as you set up your PC.

Start Menu Folders

An age old request – folders for tiles in Start Menu. It debuted in Windows Phone 8.1, but took a really long time to come to desktops.

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Microsoft Edge Improvements

You can now set your tabs aside with a new “Set these tabs aside” toggle so that they do not take up much space. Also, you can now get tab previews so that you can preview all the pages without switching tabs. Also, the Windows 8 style Share charms has been replaced with a new one that pops up in the center of the screen.

Cortana Shortcut

You can now press Windows + C key to bring up Cortana. This doesn’t really count as something new. It was there prior to version 1607 but was deprecated. However, it has again resurfaced in 1703.

Windows Defender Improvements

Windows Defender

Windows Defender now has a modern front end, as opposed to the older Win32 one. It looks very under-developed and does not work well yet, because it is not yet an official release. However, the interface looks clean and matches the Windows 10 UI.

Windows Update improvements

Windows Updates can now be paused and also can be delayed up to 35 days. This should really help with updates that mess up your PC.

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Settings app

The Control Panel is still there. However, the Settings app borrows more stuff from the Control Panel, including themes. Also the organization of the app has been changed a bit. A new settings for controlling Blue Light has also been added.

and a whole lot more

OtThere are many other smaller changes that are not worth highlighting. If you are looking forward to try out this unofficial build on a virtual machine, then look for the file named 10.0.14997.1001.rsonecorebase.161218-0833amd64freclient-enterprisevolumeen-us-CENA_X64FREVEN-USDV5.

Source: Thurott

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