Lights Out! Major Cities and Monuments go dark during Earth Hour

Earth HourNo matter where you are on Earth, keep the lights off from 8:30 PM. Major cities and monuments have already gone dark to celebrate earth hour. Over 170 countries and their territories are expected to turn off the lights to take part in the annual bid to highlight global warming caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas to drive cars and power plants.

The event originated in Sydney and now has become a global phenomenon. Backed by WWF, a lot of government facilities, companies and organizations turn off their office lights to celebrate Earth Hour. The conservation group said that they have made great strides in spreading the awareness.

“We started Earth Hour in 2007 to show leaders that climate change was an issue people cared about,” coordinator Siddarth Das said.

Earth hour starts with the Sydney harbor side lights being switched off for an hour at 8:30 PM local time. People all over the earth are encouraged to do so, at 8:30PM, local time. Climate change is happening one way or the other. The Earth Hour does not actually save us from it, but makes more people aware of the adverse effects of deforestation, burning fossil fuels, and wasting energy.

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After Australia, the Earth hour is celebrated in Asia. The famous Honk Kong skyline goes dark, whereas in Myanmar’s most sacred pagoda, the Shwedagon, 10,000 oil lamps were to be lit to shine a light on climate action. The Burj Khalifa, the Big Ben, the Pyramids of Egypt – they are all scheduled to go dark in the next 24 hours.

The event is celebrated globally with homes, businesses and governments joining hands. In Canada, the power supply organization is actively promoting Earth Hour and is encouraging people to turn off the lights of homes and offices.

You can see the impact of the Earth Hour in the last 10 years in this video.

Source: DNA


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