Madonna Net Worth, Film Salary, Real Estate Holdings

Madonna or Madonna Louise Ciccone is a famous American singer, actress, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Her amazing songs in the 80s and 90s lifted her career, and after then she became unstoppable. So, are you willing to know Madonna’s net worth?

Madonna has a brief career in dancing too. She studied dance at the University of Michigan. Madonna performed with several rock groups before starting recording with Sire records. At that time, Madonna was successful in proving her incredible potential for music videos. She collaborated with many top designers, photographers, and directors showing underground club culture from different views.

After that, till 1991, she scored 21 top ten hits in the US, and her 70 million albums were sold internationally. Before her Desperately Seeking Susan, she took a break from pop music. In the film industry, her massive success was a film musical, Evita. Madonna is a real example of women’s empowerment in industry.

Madonna Net Worth


Madonna’s net worth is approximately 850 million dollars, which are 6445 Crores in Indian rupees. Madonna is best known for her daring performances and pushing boundaries. This style of hers makes her songwriting, visuals, and music unique than others.

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Madonna Film Salaries

For her famous film, Desperately Seeking Susan, she earned 80,000 dollars, and in the following year, she gained 1 million dollars by starring opposite her husband, Sean Penn. She got a massive amount of money for her Body of Evidence film, which is more than $2.5 Million. So, within this span of time, Madonna earned a huge net worth.

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Other Incomes of Madonna

Madonna has an establishment also as a businesswoman. Her entertainment company was founded in a joint venture with Time Warner. It earned $60 Million, and from the music publishing division, 20 percent of royalties advanced.

She also produced four fashion brands. In 2007 she collaborated with H&M and later with Dolce & Gabbana.

Madonna also launched a range of skincare products MDNA Skin in Japan in 2014.┬áIt’s evident for us that Madonna has a pretty happening and long career. Her career also includes several brand partnerships and endorsement deals, including Pepsi, at the initial point of her career.

Real Estate of Madonna

Madonna’s real estate portfolio includes several homes around the world. At a point in time, she was the only owner of six properties in London. As per information, now all of them are not hers; her ex-husband traded some of them during the divorce.

Until 2013, she owned a 6000 sq.ft. NYC apartment which was sold by herself in 2013 for 16 Million dollars. She still holds a small unit in that apartment. But that’s not her only NYC residence. She owns a 12000 sq.ft. Townhouse, a 50-acre equestrian property. She has many other real estate properties in the city.

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Madonna is a rich woman, but she is not a billionaire. Though there was a rumor back in 2013 that her MDNA tour got more than 300 Million dollars, That means she became 300 Million dollars richer and, therefore, a billionaire. But later, it was proved that the news was misprinted.

On the other hand, she is an extraordinarily talented and intelligent woman. Her success in 8the 0s and 90s created a significant example of women empowerment.

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