How many screens does your laptop have? Razer made one with three of them

How many screens does your laptop have? Razer made one with three of them

That’s right. A laptop. With three 4K screens built in. At CES 2017, Razer unveiled Project Valerie, the first laptop in the world with three built in displays that deploy automatically and retract to a 12-pound notebook design. This is just crazy.

Really Beefy Design

It shouldn’t be surprising that the design is really bulky. You have three screens folded into the device. So, now it is a 1.5-inch-thick block of aluminum design. In case you are concerned about portability, Razer just does not care. This concept device is built to be a gaming device.

A lot of gaming laptops are coming in the market that are not quite “laptop” devices. Consider Acer Predator with a 21-inch curved monitor and desktop grade components. That device is not a laptop even though it folds onto itself. The same goes for this device. The 17.3 inch three IGZO G-Sync screens offer a total of 12K resolution and is powered by a NVidia GeForce GTX 1080. Also, there is a Core i7 coupled with 32 GB RAM.

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Monstrous yet Minimalistic

Looking at the design though, in photos, the device does not look as heavy or bulky as it is. That is probably Razer went for a very clean design. Most gaming devices have over the top designs just to show that it is gaming capable. The entire device is very simple with a clean matte finish. The touch pad is located right beside the Razer Chroma mechanical keyboard with 16.8 million different colors. There is a large palm rest. The two peripheral displays also have an under-glow lighting.

Who Needs Three Displays?

On a laptop, no one, actually. These are supposed to be portable devices and the Project Valerie does look a bit silly. But then again, who’d have thought that there could be a laptop with three screens? Well, now there is one.

Source: Mashable

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