What All Memories Are Wrapped In A Chocolate?

I don’t know how many of you would agree with me when I say that a piece of chocolate is not only  small dessert item but a big munch of memory. In a part of my mind, I haven’t grown and still find relief in swinging inside the school premises or storming with agendas in college canteens. Memories with chocolates is a strange thing that can bring up so many precious moments of the past alive in front of your eyes and make you lament and say “How fast time flies!”

Here are some common moments that perhaps most of us have experienced with a piece or bar of chocolate:

– You fought with your siblings the most because they ate up your secretly kept local candies – right? And now, I guess you bring the branded chocolates for them when you meet them and in this process you all grew up. Does that taste of the local candy still haunt you? Well, it does for me but I guess just like the childhood the same local candy has also lost.

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– Betting for a certain thing and on losing you had to treat your friend with a chocolate! This is the commonest memory among all. Even till this date many of us bet with our friends and love getting chocolates on winning.

– That first friend from KG school was most probably formed with sharing a toffee or chocolate or candies. I don’t remember her face but that name and address is still known. However, we all are too busy to visit each other but I am sure that she also remembers me the same way I do and all due to the sweet chocolate. I know, like me, many of you have the same start to your first friendship.

– You were bribed in childhood by your elders for doing a certain task – right? My elder brother used to bribe me with chocolates for not revealing his love story to my parents. I bribed some kids with yummy chocolates for upsetting a cranky lady in neighborhood.

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– On the first date, did you receive a chocolate box comprising all the best chocolates in India? This was no less than a prize and we all girls take pride in receiving these kind of gifts. Well, many guys till today applies this trick for winning their heart. May be that relationship was over in a year, but the memory stayed – right?

I hope many of your memories have also come alive with this piece of writing. Just cherish them with a piece of chocolate.

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