Mick Jagger Net Worth

Mick Jagger is one of the founder members and the lead singer of The Rolling Stone, a trendy rock band. In the 60s US, The Rolling Stone gained popularity by playing their material. The group started their journey by playing covers, but their creations were the main reason behind their immense popularity.

Apart from being a fantastic singer, Michael Philip Jagger or Mick Jagger is also a songwriter, actor, and film producer. From the five decades after launching The Rolling Stone, he is the most influential frontmen of the rock world. As for Mick Jagger’s writing, he wrote most of the Rolling Stone’s songs along with his schoolmate and bandmate Richards.

In 1985 Jagger began his solo career with the album, She’s the Boss. But Jagger’s success was with his band rather than solo projects. Mick Jagger received many awards and honors, including the knighthood in 2013, for his exceptional contribution to the world of music. He was nominated for the Grammy awards twice; he won the MTV music award, OFTA film award.

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Mick Jagger Net Worth


Mick Jagger’s net worth is $400 Million, as of in 2020. The lead of the Rolling Stones is also famous for his financial success. His career now has spanned over five decades. Jagger sold more than 200 million records worldwide. From the starting till now, his band tours consistently, nearly every year. For example, in 2018, the brand gained about 117 Million dollars, with just 14 shows.

Mick Jagger is a well-known and beloved personality of all times in the history of rock and roll. His mindblowing performance and extraordinary style is the key reason behind his strong influencing on the generations of music.

As we discussed before, Mick Jagger always has an interest in the film industry. He played significant roles in movies like Performance, Ned Kelly. He also founded Jagged films with Victoria Pearman. This company is the producer of a documentary, Being Mick, and the first release of the company is, Enigma in 2001. Jagger also produced Vinyl, a drama series in the year 2016.

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Mick Jagger Real Estate

Not surprisingly, Mick Jagger’s real estate portfolio is precious. From the information of 2013, around the globe, Jagger owns real estate with a net worth $250 Million. He has several multi-million dollar mansions in London and NYC. His other home is on Mustique, which he rents.

His real estate also includes a castle in South France and a historic Hampshire mansion. The Stones used the mansion as a studio in the 1970s. The mansion was senile for years of neglect, at that time. And because of that, the cost was only 55000 pounds. In 1979, Jagger sold the mansion to a businessman for 200,000 pounds.


The most famous Rolling Stone Frontman has created a history in the era of Rock and Roll with his unique style and stage personality. From a middle-class family to a super-rich star, Mick Jagger is now a shining name in the rock world, and he was and will always influence a lot of youngsters.

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