Microsoft to Introduce Project NEON – A More Streamlined Design Language for Windows

Project NEONWith Redstone 2 in development and Redstone 3 being planned, Microsoft is also coming up with a new design language for the upcoming versions of Windows. It initially started with Metro, which is known as Modern Design Language – the minimalistic flat looks that was introduced in Windows 8. These looks were later on mimicked by iOS and Android. The new builds of Windows 10 now sport the Modern Design Language 2, but still some parts of Metro remain here and there in the OS. This issue will be addressed by Project NEON.

All you need to know about Project NEON

The current build of Windows 10 is the Anniversary Update (Redstone 1), with the Creator’s Update (Redstone 2) coming early 2017. NEON will be available with Redstone 3. Windows Insiders will be the first to see the update.

The primary aim of Microsoft is to unify and offer a seamless Windows experience no matter what device you are using. That includes desktops, tablets, HoloLens or phones. It is rumored that a new Surface Phone will also be launched sometime in 2017, with Redstone 3 onboard. NEON would offer stricter guidelines. The apps designed in UWP or Universal Windows Platform can have their own hamburger menus, context menus, app bars and menu designs. This fragmentation, along with some existing old Windows 8 design elements will be removed with NEON.

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According to reports Project NEON has been in development for around 12 months in Microsoft. It is expected to go public around May/June 2017. Even Redstone 2 or Creator’s update can see some NEON interface. Redstone 3 is expected to fully implement the NEON Design Language. RS3 will be released around the Fall of 2017.

Check out the video below to understand what Microsoft is thinking about Design.

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