Microsoft launches Zo – its newest artificial chatbot on Kik

zoRemember Tay? Sometime earlier this year, around March, Microsoft launched a chat bot on Twitter. Powered by artificial intelligence, the chat bot, named Tay, quickly learned to have conversations with people. Unfortunately, uncensored conversation quickly made Tay pick up some vulgar language and it was quickly shut down. Now, Microsoft has come up with Zo. Zo is not officially launched yet, but is now being tested on the messaging platform called Kik.

Say No to Racism

The internet is not a friendly place and Microsoft learned it from Tay already. Therefore, Zo now keeps away from slangs, hate speech, politics and racism.

Kik is not as popular as Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Also, it is not as pervasive as Twitter. Kik has a smaller user base of a few millions, as opposed to billions in Facebook or Twitter. This allows Microsoft to keep tabs on Zo, and further refine it’s algorithms.

Unlike Tay, Zo is a much polite chat bot. It is cleverly designed. it refuses to be dragged into conversations that involve hate, politics, or any sort of controversy.

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How to chat with Zo

There are two options – one is to get Kik, and second option is to get an invite. If you are not on Kik and don’t want to download and install it just to chat with a bot, then head over here for early access.

If you have Kik, open it first. Next, tap the ‘Chat’ icon in the top-right corner of the screen, and enter the username ‘’ A chat will then pop up where you can ask Zo questions and chat as if with a friend

Biggest Threat to AI – Human Stupidity

AI and machine learning is being used at large. But one of the issues with AI is ‘AI Washing’. Thoughtless use of AI could pose much larger harm than we can comprehend in this digital age.


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