Microsoft Patents a Foldable Phone that could be the upcoming Suface Phone

Microsoft Surface PhoneIt has been a while Windows fans and Windows Mobile users are clamoring for a new device from the manufacturer. The Windows Mobile user base is slowly diminishing due to the app gap, even though the Windows platform is a flexible and secure one. Recently, a patent reveals that Microsoft may be working on the ultra mobile personal computer that they have been working on. The patent reveals a phone with foldable display that turns into a tablet when unfolded.

Non-traditional form factors

Microsoft has a knack for making non-traditional form factors when it comes to the surface line up and according to the patent, this that a Surface phone may look like. The concept has been experimented on for years. Lenovo on their Yoga line up too, have developed a similar tablet where the keyboard a touch panel with dynamic display. The concept is very much similar to Courier, a secret tablet designed by Microsoft.

Click on the images below to have a better look.

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Adding x86 on ARM to the mix

Microsoft knows that there is not much it can do to the smartphone space with the Android and iOS monopoly. As a matter of the fact, Microsoft has better versions of its apps on iOS and Android, and not on Windows Mobile in some cases. The company, therefore, is counting on the post-smartphone era – ultra mobile personal computers with cellular connectivity.

With x86 on ARM coming later this year on Windows, even processors used in smartphones can run the desktop version of Windows and its apps. That would bridge the app gap, and bring the full desktop app suite to the phone. However, using a desktop app on a phone can be cumbersome unless it comes with a bigger screen. Hence, the foldable display makes sense.

In the future, many such patents have not translated into real products, but then again, some have – such as the Surface Studio monitor, the Surface kickstand and the camera angle.

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Source: The Verge




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