Microsoft Surface Studio Performs Better than Expected, new Surface Pro round the corner

When Microsoft announced their desktop computer, the Surface Studio, they were expecting to ship around 15,000 units. However, the Taiwan based supplier informs that the company has shipped as many as 30,000 units. It a recent article published by DigiTimes, this was revealed. It says that the company will again ship 30,000 more Surface Studio PCs in the first quarter of 2017.

Now, obviously the 30,000 number does not seem to be a big deal. Millions of Macs were sold every quarter when they were released. However, the following need to be taken into consideration.

  1. The Surface Studio is a $2,999 PC. That is the price of the base model only. With all the bells and whistles, the price can go up to $4,199. This makes the Surface Studio way more expensive than many other PCs out there.
  2. When Microsoft announced the PC in October, they warned against the shortage of the product. After all, holiday season would start soon and the availability of the Surface Studio would fall. The computers did not start shipping till it was December.
  3. Finally, the Surface Studio is a niche product. It is hard to deny that fact. It is a high end PC that was aimed towards creative professionals, the same people who used Macs.
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Taking all these into account, the demand for the Surface Studio PC is truly unprecedented. Another reason that may accelerate the sales of the PC is Apple’s lack of a product in this category. A lot of people who used desktop Macs switched to Surface Studio simply because it was better hardware.

New Surface Pro 5 Coming Soon

In 2017 Q1, Microsoft is also expected to refresh the Surface Pro line up, the hybrid tablet/laptop product. A few months ago, Microsoft rolled out a refreshed Surface Book with a Performance Base. The new Surface Pro 5 is expected to come with Ultra HD display and magnetic charging Surface Pen.

Source: Softpedia, Business Insider

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