Microsoft’s Amazon Echo Rival to be Powered by Cortana

Microsoft's Amazon Echo rival will be powered by CortanaMicrosoft is about to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo by bringing it’s virtual assistant to IoT devices with the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. The device is a speaker with Cortana integration. The OEM is Harma Kardom, with a release date sometime in 2017.

Microsoft wants to bring Cortana to more devices. It is already there on all Windows devices, including phones and PCs, also Xbox. It is also there on other platforms, such as Android and iOS with enough power to replace the native victual assistant, such as Siri or Google Now. Now, Microsoft wants to bring it to other devices, such as speakers, refrigerators, or other domestic gadgets.

The credit for all these goes to the updates Cortana SDK that the company just opened up to the developers who want to make smart devices using Cortana. All your devices using Cortana will be linked up, like your phone, your PC, your Xbox console, and also your domestic gadgets that will use the technology. Moreover, Cortana now runs both on Windows, along with Linux and Android based operating systems.

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A Smart Speaker by Harman Kardom


The first IoT device featuring Cortana would be a smart speaker. The short teaser released by the company shows how the device would be able to play music or set reminders. It can also be expected to perform similar other tasks like that of Amazon Echo, even though that was not shown.

Microsoft said that they would reveal more about the device next year. So we can expect something coming up in CES 2017.

Microsoft is also making Cortana Skill Kit available to developers. This will allow developers to leverage the skills of bots that are made using Microsoft Bot Framework. For example, the skills of Amazon Alexa can be repurposed to create skills for Cortana.

Source: International Business Times

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