MobilEye and Here team up on Self Driving Mapping tech

MobilEye + HereThere are so many companies working on autonomous car technologies that we are seeing the next phase in the development of such vehicles – partnerships and consolidation. MobilEye is a sensor maker who used to build for Tesla before a messy break up. Now, MobilEye is partnering with Here to make better mapping technology.

Here was a Nokia product till it was sold to a German automaker consortium. Windows Phone devices still use the maps from Here. Here comes with a HD Live mapping software, which when coupled with MobilEye’s hardware can be sold as a vehicle automation platform to any car manufacturer.

MobilEye previously used to power Tesla’s auto-pilot feature. It’s year long fruitful partnership was axed when a Tesla Model S was involved in a fatal collision with a box truck. The company wanted to reconsider its position. Now, Tesla uses an in house technology and Nvidia Tegra processors powering it.

In the mean time, MobilEye also has bagged other deals with BMW, one of the owners of Here and Delphi, an auto parts company started with GM. The collaboration between Delphi and MobilEye is also backed by Intel as they are providing their flagship processors to process the data from the company’s sensors in real time.

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Cloud based Data for Cars

With the tie-up between the mapping company and the sensor maker, Here will use MobilEye’s “roadbook”, which is a cloud based mapping data derived from crowd sourced sensor data from vehicles. That will give the HD Live mapping system access to landmarks and roadway information making the vehicle more aware of the surroundings and react faster to any situation.

Here says that autonomous vehicles require up to date and precise information about the map and they think that they can accelerate that work with the sensor maker’s help and create a world HD map standard.

Source: Tech Crunch


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