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In today’s era, the virality of digital devices with an active internet connection has changed the trend of living a lot.

As a central portion of life, entertainment hits there a good impact. Watching a film or motion picture is also one of the best parts of pleasure in people’s leisure time. Everybody, including kids, teens, adults, mature, relish attending Motion Pictures.

As said earlier, with the help of digitality, most of the people prefer to attend films in their homes using online streaming services, rather than visiting a movie theatre or multiplexes.

There are mainly two types of online movie streaming services provided, one is free, and others are subscription-based. Moviefisher is one of the best free online movie streaming portals allowing visitors to download or stream the latest updated films for free.

What Is Moviefisher?


Moviefisher is one of the former free online movie streaming portals out on the internet founded in India in the year of 2015. Mainly it is an index site that offers motion Pictures from different file hosting servers.

After the creation of this website early in 2015, it was attracting a massive number of viewers in a day. Also, that drew the attention of the cybersecurity officials.

The website has been blocked many times in history in terms of violating copyright policies. After being banned, it has created several other websites and hosted it under several other proxy domains.

Primarily Moviefisher provided Bollywood films, but after so many years, it grew with an extensive amount of motion pictures available in different languages and qualities. It gives its content not only in HD but in other attributes suchlike 1080p, Blu ray, HDRip, WebRip, DVDRip, etc. and motion pictures are also available in many languages worldwide, including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

For the uncountable number of smartphone users, this particular service also has a custom mobile-friendly user interface, by which people can use it easily from any of their mobile phones without any headaches.

Moviefisher Website Features

Moviefisher provides some cool features on their website. This makes the site attractive and popular amongst other competitive services available. Some of the features are pointed below,

  • Top Mount Search Bar:- On the homepage of this website, one can see a large-sized search bar located on the top. If anyone cannot find any of their interesting content in the feed or exhausted searching from the categories, he/she can just name it on the search bar. If the content is available, then it will plainly be shown in the result within a second.
  • Speedy File Server:- Moviefisher provides referred contents that are stored in fast and robust file server networks, by which the streaming or downloading of materials has no cut off in speed and works in a flow.
  • Uncountable Contents:- Moviefisher provides an uncountable number of substances, including movies, TV shows, web series, etc.
  • Organized Categorically:- To handle the massive amount of contents, it organized their materials by dividing into categories followed by some individual sub-categories.
  • Unlimited Access Allowance:- It allows any individual to have access to their contents for unlimited times, absolutely for free, there are not single restrictions. It means that anyone can download or stream any of their materials at any time from their website.
  • No Formalities:- out on the internet, there are many streaming service providers available that are only accessible after the signup or registration process, but here in Moviefisher, no signup or registration required to download or stream any of their movies.
  • Information Of Contents:- Every content available on Moviefisher have all the information about it, including actors, actresses, director, producers, or the whole casting crew and trailer of the contents are also offered.
  • Mobile-Friendly:- There is a mobile-friendly view of the website also available because nowadays most of the people use mobile phones to browse through so that they don’t get confused and can enjoy the services without any hesitation. A custom mobile application is also available for Android smartphones.
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Movies Categories in Moviefisher

As discussed earlier, Moviefisher presents a large number of contents in a definite manner that helps the user to find their interested content fast. Some of the categories are provided below as an example,

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood Hindi dubbed motion pictures
  • Tollywood movies
  • Tamil films
  • South Indian motion pictures
  • South Indian Hindi dubbed films



Today there are various free pirated websites like Moviefisher is available.

Anyone can face such consequences when they cannot find what they are searching for. To overcome this situation, he/she then looks for an alternative. Some of the alternatives of Moviefisher are described below,


This particular website is also the same as Moviefisher. It provides a large amount of content including the latest Bollywood films South films TV series etc.

Contents are available in different languages, including Hindi Telugu Malayalam English, etc. as well as different qualities, including HD 1080p 720p 480p, etc. This website also provides a mobile-friendly view of the website to attract mobile users.

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Like other pirated websites, it is also blocked from accessing due to copyright concerns but can be used using their secondary proxy sites.


TamilRockers is one of the best former pirated websites that offer movies for free. It is kind of works like a torrent website where a peer to peer connection provided, and it is primarily a south contents based website.

Being very old, this specific website stocks in a large number of contents in their library. From movies, TV shows towards web series video songs, all are available on this website. It provides its content in high-resolution video quality and different languages, including Tamil Telugu Malayalam Hindi Kannada, etc.

It also offers a mobile-friendly view of their website. In a mobile device, the design of the site changes and creates and ease of use of it. This website is also blocked from usage for piracy but can be accessible by their several other proxy servers and with VPN connections.


It is mainly an Index site that gathers various contents, including movie web series TV shows from different websites out on the internet. Early it was prevalent on its creation, but after similar establishments of sites, the popularity decreases a lot today.

Services offered not only in Hindi but also in Telugu Bengali English. Also, there are many movie formats available on this website, followed by many different qualities, including Blu Ray HDRip DVD 720p, etc. and also for slow internet connection 300MB 400mb movies also available.

It is also available in the form of a mobile application. By which any of the mobile users can access this website without any headaches. It provides the same services as the other websites listed; it is also blocked by Google and also can be accessed by the secondary proxy domains.


It is another pirated content provider that offers an extensive amount of content, including movies TV shows web series. Services provided by this particular website are available in various languages, including Hindi Tamil Malayalam Kannada Bengali English, etc.

Films are adequately organized by various categories and languages, as well as genres, including action comedy-drama Hindi dubbed south dubbed English dubbed and also available in different qualities and quantities.

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This specific website doesn’t have a custom mobile application, but it has a mobile-friendly web design. Like the others being pirated content providers that leak the latest releases of film web series, this website is also blocked from access.


Today, there is a lot of mobile users who browse through websites like this in their mobile devices so that targeting them the site is created. It is nothing different, but the same type of site that offers the latest film releases web series TV shows, etc.

Materials provided on this website are correctly organized pleasantly for mobile devices. These websites also work fast on slow internet connections.

Contents are available in many different languages, followed by different qualities and formats. By the rule of the pirated website, this specific website is also blocked from usage. Still, to cover this problem also several other domains are used to host the site by which it can be accessed, and provided contents can be downloaded.

Aside from all of this type of website, some legitimate websites offer the same contents in a meager subscription fee or free of cost by using ad-support.

Some Of The Authorized Sites Are Named Below:

  • Netflix
  • Popcornflix
  • Hotstar
  • Sony crackle
  • Sony LIV
  • Amazon prime video
  • Gomovies



Is The Movie Fisher Legal?

Ans:- no. Moviefisher is not licensed to use aspirated contents are provided without proper ownership in this website.

Why Is Moviefisher Banned From Usage?

Ans:- It offers copyrighted content without permission of the owner so that by the copyright law primary domain of this website is banned.

Can The Provided Materials Contain A Virus?

Ans:- yes. There is a chance of affecting a virus if this kind of website is used to download any content.


The cybersecurity officials always prohibit usage of this kind of website as this kind of website provides the contents without proper ownership. If anyone caught red-handed during downloading or streaming, then it can be punished by the law of copyright policies. Also, the downloaded files can contain a virus that can affect any of the devices used during download.


Apart from the possibility of wrongful consequences, these websites provide some beautiful latest content for free. Also, it can be enjoyed by the number of people who cannot spend anything over entertainment purposes as the main reason behind the services is helping entertainment get less costly and more comfortable.

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