Movieswood Website : Features, Categories and Alternatives

Movies are a source of great entertainment. All of us love to sit and watch our favorite actors and films while relaxing in our free time. This is especially true in India, where most of the population are big fans of Bollywood and dedicatedly follow one or more popular film stars. Watching a good film helps us spend time relaxing and having a good time. It is not always possible for us to visit a cinema hall or take on expensive subscriptions to online streaming sites to catch our favorite movies. This is where sites like Movieswood are a boon for movie lovers. One can download all of their favorite Hindi and regional language movies from Movieswood and enjoy them according to their convenience. It offers a great alternative to having to travel to watch a film in a theatre or take on yearly subscriptions to watch your favorite movie. Furthermore, it is also completely free to use.

What Is Movieswood?


Movieswood is a free to use, file hosting website, which provides the download options to a large number of films from Bollywood, as well as regional film industries such as the Tamil and Telugu films. If you like to Binge-watch Bollywood films or TV shows, Movieswood is the right place for you. The website hosts an impressive collection of content from different genres of Hindi and regional cinema. It also has a large number of Hindi dubbed films from both Hollywood, as well as the Tamil and Telugu film industries. It is a great option to choose if you want to download the latest movies directly on to the device of your choice, without the hassle of any online subscription.

Even if you are not well versed in using the internet to download movies, with Movieswood, your entertainment needs are covered. Movieswood is easy to use, with a simple design that any first time user can also get used to with ease. If you’re using Movieswood, you don’t have to worry about finding the right place to download your favorite movies ever again. You can find all your favorite films, across different genres, under the same website. The completely free-to-use nature of the website also means that you don’t have to spend a single penny to get your fix of entertainment.

Main Website Features Of Movieswood

Movieswood has a well-constructed website design that makes it easy for you to find the right film quickly and with ease. The site’s large collection of Bollywood and regional language films is easily accessible to anyone via the search bar that is present on the website. The search bar allows you to alphabetically search for any film or TV show that you are looking for. The search results list all the available movies and TV shows on the website that match your search criteria. The website is also segregated into different sections based on the genre and language of film. So if you are looking for a Hindi film, you can search through the Bollywood section, whereas if you are looking for a Telugu or Tamil film to watch, you can browse through the Telugu and Tamil sections respectively.

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The website has movies from all different genres present. Whether you are a fan of crime thrillers, horror, action, or romance films, Movieswood has every genre covered extensively, with a large number of titles under every genre. The website also has a section that shows all the latest releases on the website, which allows you to directly browse through the latest hits from Bollywood, Telugu and Tamil industries. The website design is such that it is suitable for both newer and older users to be comfortable with. Older users can get to their choice of the movie quickly by browsing through the different categories while exploring new films. On the other hand, new users can look for their choice of the film by searching the name of the film in the search bar. The use of such websites for downloading films is something that is becoming more and more popular among today’s generation of film lovers.

Categories Under Movieswood website

For any film site to be effective, there needs to be a varied amount of content available for the users to enjoy. This is very much evident in Movieswood, where a large number of films from different genres and industries are present for you to choose from. For fans of Bollywood, Movieswood provides a ton of content like the classics and the latest hits on the market. You can go through all the works of your favorite actor or actress and make sure you catch all your favorite scenes from the comfort of your home. For the fans of regional language films, Movieswood has a lot to offer. Go on to the Tamil or Telugu categories to find the latest releases in those categories. Apart from movies, the website also hosts several tv series, which are available for download too. So with Movieswood, you can get the best of your favorite movies as well as TV shows.

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When it comes to different genres, the website has varied content as well. From all the categories such as romance, comedy, action, and thrillers, there is ample content from each genre. The list of films is practically endless, whether your choice of films is from the Bollywood industry or any of the regional language industries. So enjoy a fun-filled day with your family binge-watching your favorite kids and family movies, or invite your friends over to watch your favorite action film. The extensive list of films also covers new releases as well as the olden classics, which are timeless favorites. So even if your taste covers Bollywood classics, you are sure to have enough content to enjoy. With the help of Movieswood, your entertainment options are well taken care of.

Best Alternatives To Movieswood website

Websites like Movieswood are large in number. However, not all of them are as well equipped as Movieswood to handle your entertainment needs. Some of them have low amounts of content for you to choose from, whereas others are plagued with video availability issues and constant advertisements that dents the user experience. However, since the pirated content websites like Movieswood are often taken down, it is advisable to have a list of alternative websites handy, as given below.

  • Movies4me: Movies4me is a great website to download the latest Bollywood film starring your favorite star. It is quick and easy to use, has an extensive library of content, and it’s advertisements do not hamper the user experience at all. It also has an extensive quantity of films from local languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bengali. No matter which part of the country you are from, Movies4me has your regional language covered. It also has many popular Hollywood films dubbed in Hindi, which helps you enjoy Hollywood films the same way you can enjoy a Hindi film.
  • Download Hub: Another excellent example of a free website that provides users with a great collection of films to enjoy is Download Hub. The website has a simplistic user interface that is ideal for new users. It’s search facilities are top-notch, and one can rely on searching via search bars or go alphabetically through the entire library of films. The majority of the popular Bollywood titles are included in the website’s library, along with many options from the local film industries. It has films in HD quality prints, which is a big plus if you’re looking to watch your favorite films in High definition.
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What Are The Kinds Of Films One Can Download From The Website Movieswood?

Movieswood has an extensive collection of Hindi films from Bollywood, as well as popular titles from the Telugu and Tamil film industries. It has movies from different popular genres, such as action, romance, horror, and thrillers. So no matter the type of film that is to your taste, you are more than likely to find your choice of film at Movieswood.

What Is The Quality Of Films Available On Movieswood?

Movieswood is well known for providing it’s users with HD prints of all the latest releases in the Bollywood market so that you can enjoy your favorite film in the highest quality possible. One can also instead download a lower quality version if you have limited data.

What Is The Process Of Downloading A Film From Movieswood?

Downloading a movie has never been easier on the internet. To download your favorite movie, you can adopt any of the two methods. The first is to search the title of the movie you are looking for using the search bar. From the results, you can select the right option and click on the download option. The other option is to browse through the different available genres, and browse through the available titles and pick one that you want.


Websites like Movieswood are great if you are looking to download your favorite movies for no cost and without having to watch a movie in a theatre. They are easy to use and have extensive content available for you to choose from. However, one thing to be considered is the legal aspect. File hosting websites such as Movieswood contain pirated content and are, therefore, in violation of the piracy and copyright laws. So, using them can be illegal in many countries, including India.


Watching our favorite film is the best pastime that one can have. File hosting websites like Movieswood help users achieve this with ease by providing easy to download and free content that allows users to get the best out of their free time.

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